Bug Fixes – September 22, 2022

Hey everyone,
we have a new bugfix patch for you today! This post also includes the log for the hotfix patch released on Sunday, which was disclosed on Discord only.

🇩🇪 Bug Fixes
🇪🇸 Bug Fixes
🇫🇷 Bug Fixes

Terra Fixes

Below are all the bug fixes specifically related to the continent of Terra:

• Fixed a bug that would prevent the Arboreus version of the Carpenter and Food Stockpile to be built in full. Existing buildings may still be not completable. Please reach out to an admin who will delete them for you and help you rebuild them.
• All types of cooked meat can now be turned into dried meat sacks in the Packaging Station
• Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause Wildfolk to have the wrong weapon animation on login (“tabbing” to switch weapon was required to fix it).
• The spawn of monsters on Terra has been rebalanced. Creatures with Challenge Rating >= 5 like the Komodo Dragon no longer spawn in the South-Western half of the world, while some others with CR 4 (e.g. Giant Bullfrog, Sproutling) are now rarer
• The respawn time of the Toxic Dartfrog is now correctly 10 minutes instead of 6 seconds
• Duplicate monster spawners in the volcanic area have been removed.
Harbor travel costs on Terra are now correct.

Other Fixes

Below you will find additional bug fixes:

• Fixed a bug that would “break” characters dying of hunger – they would see themselves called “Prometheus” (the default text in the UI) and have to relog to make the character work again.
Disconnecting when dead because of “execute” or “suicide” no longer causes a character to log back into the game alive.
• Several fixes to “friendly fire” have been implemented. The most important one is that it was ignoring the “aggressive” status of players hit. As an example, this allowed griefers to pick a Good alignment, become Aggressive and hurt other non-Aggressive Good players through AOE spells
Character respecs are now (really) functional. The respec time has been reset for all players, so you can respec immediately. All characters with invalid stats have been fixed.
• It is now possible to travel from Myr to Aerhen via harbor.
• The fireplace has been added to start taverns on Aerhen.
• The location column in the guild menu has been removed (it wasn’t working).
• The gold withdraw / deposit slider now uses 9 digits instead of 5.