gamigoween Spooktacular!

Thank you to all our participants! Your submissions were spooky and scary!
The gamigoween celebrations may be over, but we have some frightening awesome winners to announce!

Congratz to:

1 set of gaming keyboard + mouse + headset sponsored by HAVIT.
@its_avorys via Instagram submission

1,000 euro prize money.
@rhedoxa via Instagram submission

500 euro prize money.
@hearth_alice via Twitter submission

See you in 2023 for our next gamigoween festivities! 👻


The haunt is on at gamigoween headquarters!

Join the ranks of our two factions, #TeamSpooky and #TeamScary, to help compete for the ultimate title of “THE MOST HORRIFYING TEAM”, oh and there are crawling creepy prizes as well for the team with the most entries:

• 🦇 1 set of gaming keyboard + mouse + headset sponsored by HAVIT.
• 🦇 1,000 euro prize money.
• 🦇 500 euro prize money.

#TeamScary consisting of witches, vampires, and ghouls is well known within the fright community and will show their supreme haunting skills when they beat #TeamSpooky in the poll numbers.

#TeamSpooky is a rag-tag group of mischievous ghosts, monsters, and skeletons that use their abilities to scream, fight, and fright their way to the top!

🦇WHICH TEAM DO YOU BELONG TO #TeamScary or #TeamSpooky?

Join #TeamScary or #TeamSpooky by posting your screenshots, videos, costumes, cosplay, artwork, crafts, recipes, and/or anything creative as long as it’s spooky and Fractured Online related!


Submit your entry on Instagram, or Twitter with your team’s respective hashtag, or by commenting on our main Facebook post.


Use #TeamScary OR #TeamSpooky + #FracturedOnline to enter.

(#Trove, #FiestaOnline, #AuraKingdom, #GrandFantasia, #Rift, #LastChaos, #Shaiya, #Wizard101Europe, #Wizard101, #Pirate101, #FracturedOnline) in your social media post for a valid entry.

Optional: #gamigoween, #Halloween


Every entry counts! Support your Team by using one of the Hashtags!


The contest starts September 30, 2022, and ends November 7, 2022, at 11 PM (CET) / 2 PM (PST) / 5 PM (EST).  Winners will be announced on November 18, 2022. Keep your social media direct messages open so that we can reach out to you.

The fright festivities do not stop there! Are you ready to predict which team will supreme the other?

Discord Voting is open until October 24

We are simultaneously hosting a prediction event on Discord! Head over to your game’s Discord events channel and make your prediction in the #voting-channel to cast your vote. Voters will need to react to the post in the voting channel with 🧛 for #TeamScary or 👻 for #TeamSpooky for valid votes.

After the polls close, patience young undead apprentice, on November 8, 2022 the team with the most entries in the “R.I.P. HALL OF FAME” will be revealed.

Special Spooktober Stream

Watch our spooktacular gamigoween stream on Twitch and enjoy awesome GIVEAWAYS!


Friday, October 28

at 19:00 (CEST) / 10:00 AM (PDT) / 13:00 PM (EDT)


gamigo’s Official Twitch

Tune in to our special stream in which we celebrate Halloween in many of our games!


Contest Announcement: gamigoween 2022

We summarized all Key facts for our Contest here: Share your content supporting your favorite team (#TeamSpooky and #TeamScary) and you may win amazing rewards. Content includes screenshots, videos, costumes, cosplay, artwork, crafts, recipes, and anything creative as long as it’s spooky and gamigo games related!

Organizer(s): gamigo AG (address: Behringstr. 16b, 22765 Hamburg, Germany), gamigo Publishing GmbH (address: Behringstr. 16b, 22765 Hamburg, Germany), gamigo US Inc. (Address: 2700 La Frontera Blvd. Ste. 300, Round Rock, TX 78681, United States of America), KingsIsle Entertainment, Inc. (Address: 2700 La Frontera Blvd. Ste. 300, Round Rock, TX 78681, United States of America).

Participation Period: September 30 to November 7 at 23:59 CEST / 2:59 PM (PDT) / 5:59 (EDT) Task: Use #TeamScary or #TeamSpooky + #GameName, on Twitter, Instagram or as an answer to the original post on Facebook to enter. Each participant is allowed an unlimited number of submissions.


1 set of gaming keyboard + mouse + headset

Havit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Mouse Headset Set, RGB QWERTZ Wrist Rest Keyboard (DE Layout), 4800 Dots Per Inch Gaming Mouse and RGB Gaming Headset (KB380L).

1,000 Euro

500 Euro

Number of Winners: Three (3) winners in total.

Procedure For Determining Winner(s):

The three (3) winners from the team with the most entries will be determined via raffle. Each entry counts as one ticket for the raffle. Players who won one of the Prizes will not be considered in the remaining raffle.

Prize Notification: We will reveal the contest winners on Friday, November 18, 2022. You will find our winners on our social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Discord).

Processed Personal Data: We process the following personal data: For all Participants we process their email address, account name. For Winners, we will collect their names, addresses in order to send them their Prize.

Our Terms of Participation and our Privacy Policy apply.


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Feature Spotlight – Crafting

Crafting is what makes an MMO an experience truly individual for each and every player. The things that you can create with your own hands – your equipment, your clothes, your armor or your weapons – are what define you in the vast fantasy worlds that you traverse. Fractured Online gives you the chance to tailor each and every one of your favorite pieces of equipment to your personal preferences.


Crafting is a vital part of any MMO game, something that you will do again and again – and as such it is important to keep it interesting over the course of time. That’s why we have implemented several layers of crafting that have very different requirements. The first one is what we call “inventory crafting”: No matter where you are, you can always open your inventory and craft simple things on the go. Things like bandages or a club – your everyday basic stuff. It doesn’t take much time or effort to create these items, and they will serve their purpose very well – but of course they’re not what you would call fancy handiwork.

If you intend to create something precious and with a bit more finesse, you need preparation. First and foremost you need to find crafting stations, special benches that can be placed within cities and sometimes also personal land parcels. These allow you access to more advanced crafting – the so-called “Tier Crafting” that applies to all kinds of armor.

Here’s an example: the common Plate Mail is a heavy Tier 1 armor mostly made of metal, that gives you very solid protection against all kinds of attacks. Using this as a basis and investing additional rare materials you can create three kinds of Tier 2 armors: a Knight Armor or a Slayer Armor. Each and every one of these has not only very different properties when it comes to physical and magical resistances, but also has a unique passive ability that can define your character build… and that’s just Tier 2! Tier 3, which will be available later on, splits into even better and more specific armor variants that are reserved for the most tenacious and resourceful of adventurers!

It is important to know that the basic material requirements for Tier 1 and Tier 2 items are the same – Tier 2 requires additional variable materials on top of it that are usually not that easy to come by. Also, persistent crafting will make you get better at it: the more you craft an item, the more a dedicated experience bar fills up, the better you will get at doing so and the better and more valuable the item eventually becomes. This is not only important for your own self-esteem but also for your reputation, as fellow adventurers will surely consult you first when they need a certain item tailor-made for them by the best!


We already mentioned that crafting stations are only available in cities. The important thing to know here is that each crafting station is not like the other. What you can craft on the station in your own city doesn’t have to be the same items that you can create two cities down the road. Quite the opposite, it’s much more probable that you will find many new and exciting crafting opportunities by visiting new cities and their crafting stations, as each city has their own tech tree that their citizens can invest into. A certain amount of focus is important here as you can’t simply invest into everything – each city has to become specialized in one direction sooner or later.

So in order to be able to craft a very specific item, like for example a metal spear, you will not only have to find special crafting recipes, which are rare drops within monster loots – but also a city that gives access to a specific crafting station. So how do you find this particular city? Of course you can explore the world, visit every city in your reach, make notes of their specialization and keep searching while having fun in the worlds of Fractured Online. You can also join your fellow players on forums or Discord channels to find out if anyone happens to know where this or that particular item can be crafted and which city provides which particular kinds of service. We are also working on a handy location tool which is going to show you in detail what kinds of research which city has completed, or which level of taxation awaits you at what location, so you can make informed decisions about where to go for some sweet, sweet crafting or even where to settle down. But for the time being let’s just say that there will be more information about this topic for you in the future, as this feature is still being developed as we speak.


Any kind of crafting can only be as good as the materials used in it – so choosing the right materials matters, as some are simply better than others! Fractured Online has lots and lots of different materials available to satisfy all of your deepest crafting desires: metals, fibers, woods, leathers, furs or skins, amongst many others. Their value for crafting can not be overstated: with the exception of the most primitive weapons that are made of wood and stone, each item you can craft has at least one variable material, which determines the crafted item’s properties.

So if you take for example the Plate Gauntlets, which are mighty and quite useful heavy gloves, you can make them in Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and even some fancy alloys like Mithril, Oricalcum or Moon Steel. Of course that’s the same for any Tier 1 or Tier 2 armor, like the Knight’s Armor or the Cleric’s Armor: the base ingredients for crafting these are always the same – but it’s the over-the-top additions that make the difference between taking a fireball, and withstanding a firestorm!


Imbuing is The Artistry Formerly Known As Enchanting. At one point in the development of Fractured Online we realized though that the term “Enchanting” didn’t quite send the message that we wanted to convey – so we changed it to “Imbuing”. Imbuing is not directly part of the crafting system, but it’s closely related – a first cousin, if you will.

Just like with the more advanced crafting you also need a dedicated station for imbuing – in this case it’s not a crafting station but an imbuing table, featuring a black top covered with a mystic pentagram, onto which you put the item that you wish to enhance. The item rests in the center of the pentagram, which means that you have five end slots which you can fill up with the reagents you intend to use. Reagents are enchanting materials, and they can be pretty much everything: Milkweed, Spider Eyes, Dragon Soul, Garlic, Holy Water, Ogre Horn, Rabbit Paw, Wolfsbane, Zombie Brain – you name it. There are hundreds of different reagents, common and uncommon, and just like regular crafting materials, these reagents all have different properties. You can use up to five different reagents in one imbuing session, it’s completely up to you. The important thing to know is that you will need the specific reagents that have certain properties to be able to imbue properly and create the specific property you’re looking for – things like Mana Regeneration, Magic Resistance or a Strength Bonus.

There are many, many possible properties for each and every item, and they are also staggered into Tiers. Each item that you can imbue has very specific properties that are each separated into ten little bars – things like Fire, Chaos, Soul, Knowledge or Energy. In order to reach Tier 1 of an enchantment you will have to fill up two of those bars. Tier 2 requires you to fill up five bars. For Tier 3, the maximum of the game, you will have to fill up all of the bars of all four property icons – an enormous task that requires only the best and rarest reagents in your inventory! But it also yields the most impressive results, of course.

This system is a bit complex to explain but really easy to use in the game: you just put your item in the imbuing table, select the reagents, imbue, and Bob’s your uncle. Unlike a crafting station, the imbuing table can be placed pretty much everywhere – you can even build one yourself into your own home in Fractured Online! But that doesn’t mean that you can imbue all day to your heart’s content – each item can only be imbued a limited amount of times.

Finding the right reagents is also not that trivial a task, particular in the case of the higher-tier ones: some reagents you can find pretty much everywhere, others can only to be found in very specific locations – about 95% of the reagents are specific either to a continent or a region within that continent. Garlic, for example, can only be found on Myr – so you will have to go there to find it or buy it from someone. Of course you can also hire someone to bring it to your continent if you shy away from the troubles of traveling abroad. Ingredients can also be found or bought on the marketplace within cities, and in case you’re looking for a very specific ingredient you can always find help within the community: there are already player-made tools available that find the right combination of items to obtain certain enchantments.

We believe that the best things in life are the ones that you create with your own hands. Crafting is a mighty tool for doing just that – and in Fractured Online we give you all the options to become a master crafter in no time!

Until next time,
Your Fractured Online Team


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September 29, 2022 – Bug Fixes

Hello everyone!

We have a new critical bugfix & quality-of-life patch for you today! It is mostly focused on sieges, but t contains some juicy changes elsewhere as well.

Get ready, as we’ve got a much bigger feature patch coming in the next days!

🇩🇪 Bug Fixes
🇪🇸 Bug Fixes
🇫🇷 Bug Fixes

Siege Fixes & Changes

Below are all the bug fixes specifically related to sieges:

    • Fixed a serious bug with sieges that would only happen with many players connected. This bug caused some operations not to be performed when a siege started. Among them: defender banners not registering with the defending city (the UI would show 0/0 banners for defenders), gates not closing automatically, and players not involved in the siege in the city area not being kicked out.
    • Players who aren’t part of a siege are now moved to the closest city that is claimed and not under siege (just like when selecting Closest City on death) instead of being moved outside of the sieged city.
    • Carts and wagons now become invisible and non-interactable during a siege.
    • Players can no longer send trade, party, guild and settler invites to opponents during a siege.
    • Walls now correctly take damage during a siege
    • Fixed a bug that made it so that attackers weren’t protected from attacks within the siege tent and defenders weren’t protected from attacks within the town hall.
    • It’s no longer possible to sneak through closed doors during a siege.

Other fixes & changes

Below are all the other bug fixes and changes:

    • Dashes now work properly if the terrain isn’t flat.
    • Players who go Stealth are no longer visible as semi-transparent to players who aren’t party members. They are now semi-transparent only for 1 second after the spell casting ends, as it was meant to be
    • The 3 largest player houses of Arboreus now have correct names and give the correct amount of prestige.
    • A ton of colliders have been corrected for decorative plants on Arboreus which intercepted mouse clicks and made it hard to click on small monsters or created holes in navigation (the latter wasn’t a bug, but it was annoying, so now you can walk through small plants like small mini-palms)
    • Fixed a bug that would make it impossible to delete some buildings in cities. Please note that we’re still working on the “evict citizen” feature for Governors
    • Bleed has been rebalanced. It now lasts for 25 seconds at 100 stacks instead of 50 seconds. Warm and Chilled have also been tweaked for server performance (they now lose 2 stacks every 0.4 seconds instead of 1 every 0.2 seconds–so the total duration is still the same)
    • Commoner Clothes and Hide Armor no longer require a gold fee to be crafted in crafting stations.
    • Added localization for the names of inventory items of some new Arboreus resources(plants).
    • Added icons for most inventory items in-game that still used placeholders
    • Fixed non-walkable stairs in a couple of Grokoton platforms
    • Cassowaries now have a new, much-improved model
    • The lava shader has been changed. Lava now looks different in the volcano of Aerhen (it still has graphical issues though, it’s far from perfect), and now it’s actually lava (and not water…) in the volcano of Terra



Bug Fixes – September 22, 2022

Hey everyone,
we have a new bugfix patch for you today! This post also includes the log for the hotfix patch released on Sunday, which was disclosed on Discord only.

🇩🇪 Bug Fixes
🇪🇸 Bug Fixes
🇫🇷 Bug Fixes

Terra Fixes

Below are all the bug fixes specifically related to the continent of Terra:

• Fixed a bug that would prevent the Arboreus version of the Carpenter and Food Stockpile to be built in full. Existing buildings may still be not completable. Please reach out to an admin who will delete them for you and help you rebuild them.
• All types of cooked meat can now be turned into dried meat sacks in the Packaging Station
• Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause Wildfolk to have the wrong weapon animation on login (“tabbing” to switch weapon was required to fix it).
• The spawn of monsters on Terra has been rebalanced. Creatures with Challenge Rating >= 5 like the Komodo Dragon no longer spawn in the South-Western half of the world, while some others with CR 4 (e.g. Giant Bullfrog, Sproutling) are now rarer
• The respawn time of the Toxic Dartfrog is now correctly 10 minutes instead of 6 seconds
• Duplicate monster spawners in the volcanic area have been removed.
Harbor travel costs on Terra are now correct.

Other Fixes

Below you will find additional bug fixes:

• Fixed a bug that would “break” characters dying of hunger – they would see themselves called “Prometheus” (the default text in the UI) and have to relog to make the character work again.
Disconnecting when dead because of “execute” or “suicide” no longer causes a character to log back into the game alive.
• Several fixes to “friendly fire” have been implemented. The most important one is that it was ignoring the “aggressive” status of players hit. As an example, this allowed griefers to pick a Good alignment, become Aggressive and hurt other non-Aggressive Good players through AOE spells
Character respecs are now (really) functional. The respec time has been reset for all players, so you can respec immediately. All characters with invalid stats have been fixed.
• It is now possible to travel from Myr to Aerhen via harbor.
• The fireplace has been added to start taverns on Aerhen.
• The location column in the guild menu has been removed (it wasn’t working).
• The gold withdraw / deposit slider now uses 9 digits instead of 5.



Bug Fixes – September 19, 2022

Hi everyone, 

we have a new bugfix patch for you today! This post also includes the log for the hotfix patch released on Sunday, which was disclosed on Discord only.

🇩🇪 Bug Fixes
🇪🇸 Bug Fixes
🇫🇷 Bug Fixes

Today’s Patch

The main purpose of this patch is to fix an item dupe bug which was reported to us yesterday by a player (thank you!). Sadly, a small group of players decided to exploit it instead of reporting it. The accounts of the culprits, which were most likely doing it for (future) gold selling, have been banned, and all the duped gold has been removed.  

Adding to the above, we have fixed the following critical bugs: 

  • – In-game attribute respecs (from the Character menu) now work correctly and no longer cause players to “lose” attributes. The “last respec” has been reset for all characters, so if you were affected, you can respec immediately and regain all your attributes.
  • – Marketplaces on Terra are now fully functional.
  • – Crop fields on Terra now have the correct fertility instead of 0%.

Sunday Patch

In Sunday’s patch, we released a new iteration of the service failing due to load, whose failure was causing the following issues (among many others): 

  • – Failure to create and invite people to guilds, parties, groups of settlers.
  • – The global chat not showing, and messages not being sent.
  • – Failure to be registered as citizens of a city or be promoted / demoted / kicked.
  • – Failure to use harbors.

After the patch, the service has proven to be stable, so all these issues are finally gone! 

Adding to the above, we took the chance to fix two other major bugs: 

  • – Horses on Terra, which spawned only in the Bandit camps, now spawn in the jungle as well (by design, only in the South/Western half of the planet).
  • – Mineral deposits on Aerhen, which were accidentally not included in the first world build, are back.




Early Access LIVE NOW!

Hello adventurers!

The Fractured Online Early Access is now live on Glyph & Steam and we’re excited to bring brand new content to you!

Rise like a Guardian of Nature!

Arboreus is now in sight and along with it, the first continent Terra is now available!
Delve into thick forests, collect new resources and defend yourself against new enemies!

Can you feel the druidic magic in the air?
The Wildfolk are here! Play as two brand new races, the Chadra – a nimble, dextrous and expert hunter, and the Erwydra – smart and cunning Wildfolk, adept at harnessing the powers of nature and the arcane!

Take a deep dive into the world of the Wildfolk in the latest Feature Spotlight!


The Rise of the Guardians of Nature – Patch Notes

Along the Early Access, take a look at our patch notes and discover what’s new in today’s update!

Check the patch notes here! 


Developer AMA – 23 September

Join us live on Twitch on 23 September for a special Developer AMA!
Knilpu and Arcahem are joined by Jacopo Pietro Gallelli and they’ll be ready to answer all of your questions LIVE!

Where: gamigo’s Official Twitch Channel
When: 23 September, 2022, 5PM CEST / 8AM PST / 11AM EST

Head over to the Official Fractured Online Discord and leave us your questions in the #🎉-september-23-ama!


Fractured Online now on Steam & Glyph!

That’s right, Fractured Online lands on Steam along Glyph !
Start your journey today by grabbing yourself a Founder’s Pack!


Have any questions?
Check our Early Access FAQ out!

Have any feedback?
Be sure to join our Discord server and get in touch with us!

Experiencing any bugs or difficulties?
Submit a bug report through our bug report form!

Are you new to Fractured Online?
Check out these amazing videos from GrumpyOldBratwurst and get all the information you need to get your adventure started!




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Rise of the Guardians of Nature – Patch Notes

The Wildfolk planet, Arboreus, is now available with its first continent Terra.
Terra is a vast land that extends for about 40km² and features several new biomes and regions, such as:

• The beach biome, which can be found surrounding the majority of Terra.
• The jungle biome, home to overgrown flora and fauna.
• The mountain jungle biome, a variation of the jungle found at higher altitudes.
• The broken islands, which can be found in the centre of the continent.
• The volcano biome, found on the East side of Terra, where ferocious fire-loving creatures reside.

Terra also features its own unique Points of Interest (POI), where you will find a multitude of new foes to take on, including:

• The Grokoton villages with their crazy hanging platforms.
• The bandit camps – they’ve made landfall on Terra as well!
• The Termidian nests. Tired of spiders on Syndesia? Meet the terrifying gigantic insects of Terra. There’s plenty!
• The ogre villages. Not your regular metal-loving Myr ogres – even monsters on Arboreus respect nature!

Across Terra you will find many hostile creatures who are trying to defend their territory, including (but not limited to):

• The aforementioned lizard-like Grokotons, the human bandits, the Termidians and the Ogres of Arboreus.
• The huskworms… wait till you see their death animation! Nightmare fuel.
Giant turtles, crabs, and crocodiles, so that even your seaside trip is haunted.
Giant frogs, giant lizards, giant everything. That’s Arboreus for you!
Dragons. Arboreus has dragons! (and dragonlings)

In sum, that’s over 40 new unique foes, so there’s really a lot to discover on Terra. Never before we have released to many new creatures in a single update.

New abilities have been added for players to obtain:

A more detailed life of the new abilities can be found in this Forum post!

The Guardians of Nature rise!

Along Terra and its many unwelcoming inhabitants, you will find the peaceful and welcoming Wildfolk!

With the Rise of the Guardians of Nature, two of the four Wildfolk races will be available for players to pick as playable characters.

Chadra (Tiger-Kin)

Also known as Tiger-kin, the Chadra, whose body is substantially larger than that of the average human, are the Wildfolk most endowed with quick reflexes and agility. Its base bonuses on creation are:

• +2 STR, +4 DEX, +2 CON, +2 PER.
• Poison Resistance +100
• Stealth +100
• Critical Chance +4%

Erwydra (Hart-Kin)

Also known as Hart-kin, the Erwydra are smart, agile and perceptive, but physically weaker than the members of other Wildfolk races. Their base bonuses on creation are:

• +2 STR, +4 DEX, +2 CON, +2 PER.
• Poison Resistance +100
• Stealth +100
• Critical Chance +4%

In an upcoming update, the Wildfolk will also be able to turn into their Primal Form, which will be covered more in-depth in the future.

Other Changes

• The amount of Knowledge Points (KP) required to unlock a Talent Point (TP) is now much lower for the first TP you unlock, and higher for the last ones. Overall, the total KP to be spent is roughly the same.
• The durability bonus given by quality has been halved, going from +50% / +100% / +150% / +200% to +25% / +50% / +75% / +100%.
• All equipped items now lose 5% of their max durability if a character is knocked out, and 10% if the character is killed.
• The Mana Regen bonus given by each INT point has been increased from 1 to 1.5.
• The average HP, damage and gold drops from mobs have been rebalanced so that mobs with low CR (Challenge Rating), such as Goblins and Bandits, are weaker but drop less gold, while high-level mobs are roughly the same as before in both power level and drops.
• Gem drop rates from mining are now much lower, particularly those of fine and flawless gems.
• Reaching max knowledge of tutorial monsters now requires 10 kills instead of 20.
• It’s now possible to type the exact amount of gold when taking or depositing gold in the bank or the city treasury.

• Dismounting when carrying a wagon (without releasing the wagon first) no longer causes issues.
• Promoting a player to Vice-Governor no longer fails if that player is online.
• Receiving a new market notification mail while in game no longer hides existing mails.
• Cooldown reduction now works on abilities with cooldown stacks (e.g. Relocate).
• Cure Wounds no longer has infinite range.
• Harbors on Myr now show the correct city names instead of showing a mix of Myr and Aerhen cities.
• The Winter Star now has its own entry in the Book of Knowledge.


Early Access – #HeedTheCall Tomorrow

1 day to go #HeedTheCall 📯 Your journey is about to begin anew!

🔴 Our server is currently offline due to the preparations for the Early Access. Stay tuned!

🟢 Tomorrow, September 15, 4PM CEST / 7AM PST / 10AM EST the Fractured Online servers will be available once more

Join us on September 23, 5PM CEST / 8AM PST / 11AM EST for a special Developer AMA with Knilpu, Arcahem, and Jacopo Pietro Gallelli!

Head over to the Official Fractured Online Discord server and leave us your questions in the #september-23-ama channel!


Until next time,
Your Fractured Online Team


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Server Downtime for Early Access


Server Downtime for Early Access
𝟮 𝗱𝗮𝘆𝘀 𝘁𝗼 𝗴𝗼 #HeedTheCall 📯 Your new beginning is in sight!

🍇 𝗙𝗿𝘂𝗶𝘁𝘀 𝗮 𝗱𝗮𝘆 𝗸𝗲𝗲𝗽𝘀 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗱𝗲𝗺𝗼𝗻𝘀 𝗮𝘄𝗮𝘆.

🔴 Our server is currently offline due to the preparations for the Early Access. Stay tuned!
🟢 The Fresh server will be brought back online on September 15, 4PM CEST / 7AM PST / 10AM EST

along with the “Rise of the Guardians of Nature” update. Are you ready for LAND RUSH?

Prepare yourself by learning more about The life, World, and Origin of the Wildfolk.

Visit our Linktree to discover the latest updates.


Until next time,
Your Fractured Online Team


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Early Access Pre-Celebration


Hello adventurers!

The Early Access is just around the corner and this brings the release of the new continent and races on September 15, 2022. Get ready for the planet Arboreus & Wildfolk! Experience a brand-new adventure together with your friends and build your own city.

Wanna learn more about “The life, world, and origin of the Wildfolk”?
Get all the details here!

Monsters are invading, it’s Monster’s Pandemonium!

monster invasion

All hell breaks loose!
Monsters are invading cities across Myr and Aerhen, nowhere is safe and hiding won’t help!

But that’s not all, aside from surviving and defending your home and friends, the fabric of reality is tearing asunder and dangerous monsters will massively flock to the cities. It’s a true pandemonium!

September 11, 4PM CEST / 7AM PST / 10AM EST
September 12, 4PM CEST / 7AM PST / 10AM EST


A new Beginning

In preparations for the Early Access the Fractured Online Server will go offline on September 12, 4PM CEST / 7AM PST / 10AM EST.

The fresh Server will be brought back online on September 15, 4PM CEST / 7AM PST / 10AM EST along with the “Rise of the Guardians of Nature” update.

Gather your friends and guild members.
It’s time for a LAND RUSH!

𝗖𝗮𝗻 𝗜 𝗰𝗿𝗲𝗮𝘁𝗲 𝗙𝗿𝗮𝗰𝘁𝘂𝗿𝗲𝗱 𝗢𝗻𝗹𝗶𝗻𝗲 𝗰𝗼𝗻𝘁𝗲𝗻𝘁 on Twitch or YouTube?
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