Feature Spotlight – The life, World and Origin of the Wildfolk

feature spotlight

The vast landscapes of Fractured Online feature three very different worlds: Syndesia, home of the humans. Tartaros, birthplace of the demonic races – and finally Arboreus, where the Wildfolk roam free. In this feature spotlight we’re going to show you what to expect in this lush jungle paradise.


Nobody has to be explained who humans are – a deep look into the mirror tells us pretty much all we need to know about them. The demonic race, consisting of Blood Demons, Hellfire Demons and Shadow Demons, are obviously more alien to us, and will be discussed in great detail in a later feature spotlight. Right here and now we’re going to focus on the third race populating the worlds of Fractured Online: the Wildfolk.

Wildfolk are the native inhabitants of Arboreus, a jungle-like environment, home to many beautiful and proud peoples, of which we’re going to focus on two here: the Tiger-like Chadra and the Erwydra, who are closely related to Deer. These two will be released for all players of Fractured Online in September 2022, alongside Arboreus. Two additional character races will follow later on: The Bear-like Nheedra as well as the Udoadra, closely resembling Wolves, who we will feature in another spotlight.

In their first years, the Chadra and Erwydra younglings move around like your typical quadruped – but very soon they rely more and more on their hind legs, eventually using only these for walking and running, resembling humans at least in their posture. Unlike humans, however, Wildfolk are in their core a very peaceful society, living in harmony with nature and other creatures surrounding them – which in gameplay terms means that playing on Arboreus is very much focused on working cooperatively.


Playing Wildfolk is very different to playing humans or demons. For one thing, Wildfolk are deeply connected to their mother planet. This means they draw power directly from the primal energy of their homeworld of Arboreus, which gives them a distinct advantage in combat. Secondly, most of their abilities are rooted in the arts of druidic magic – even the structure of their society is based on tribes and clans who are led by deeply respected High Druids.

Fights between Wildfolk and other races are defined by the former’s fast and agile movements, which means that Wildfolk prefer light armor and clothes over heavy equipment. In any case, Chadra, the Tiger-Kin, are formidable fighters, delivering lightning-quick and precise attacks, while Erwydra, the Hart-Kin, lean much more towards the use of nature-bound magic due to their more fragile body structure.


Arboreus is a warm, tropical world, full of forest and jungles, rivers and lakes, volcanoes and steppes. Although it is the homeworld of all the Wildfolk races, it can also be visited by the other races – at least if they know how to behave! Humans with a Good alignment are welcome too, at least for a limited time frame, surrendering some of their stats. Demons on the other hand, and players with Neutral or even Evil alignment are personae non grata on Arboreus, who will be attacked by the land and its many usually peacefully grazing inhabitants itself while suffering heavy debuffs! So you really need to become one with the mindset of the Wildfolk in order to be allowed to visit them for any longer period of time. If you’re good on Arboreus, nobody can and will attack you.

From a geographical point of view, Arboreus has a lot to offer – quite literally, as the map is about 56 km² in size (which translates into about 22 square miles). While the main environment here is the jungle and its coast, this world has a lot more to offer: Spend enough time on Arboreus, and you will encounter volcanoes, mountains, tundras, large beaches, swamps or steppes. This means that players have to actually care about their insulation in order to survive some of the harsher environments. Most of the time however you will roam freely in the lush jungles Arboreus is famous for, in which the Fractured Online Fashion Department recommends dressing in light layers as the climate can get quite hot. Not as hot as on a demon world, but it’s a jungle environment after all – they tend to be on the warmer side of things.


Strolling around the rich and varied landscapes of Arboreus, sooner or later you will discover a lot of creatures – new creatures that you are not going to find on any other world of Fractured Online! Most of them are fitting the theme of the world they’re living on, like Sea Turtles, Komodo Dragons, Giant Bullfrogs, Salt Water Crocodiles, Sea Crabs, Warthogs, Wooly Tapirs or Giant Rats – many of them big and mean and ready to deliver swift doom to any brash adventurer!

There’s also all sorts of lizards, starting very small and Gecko-like and ending with man-sized Iguanas. An assortment of insects like the Termidians, which are, as the name suggests, closely related to our infamous termites – on Arboreus they start as larvae before becoming spitters, warriors and even witches! By the way, we have good news for all players suffering from arachnophobia: there are no spiders on Arboreus!

However, there are many forms of Ogres – which you may know from Myr, but there’s a different brood waiting for you on Arboreus. There are Behemuts, really big, really strong and really awesome creatures! There are Bandits that you will only find at the coast as they do not dare walk deeper into the lands. And at the very top of the food chain there are… Dragons! Arboreal Dragons, Mountain Dragons and Ember Dragons, just waiting patiently for any all-too inquisitive adventurer. It’s like your mom used to say: don’t play with the fire-breathing lizard if you can’t handle the melting bones!


Playing the Wildfolk not only lets you encounter many new creatures, but also gives you a ton of new things to find! For example, there will be 40-50 new abilities available on this continent as well as many new resources to collect that you can then use for crafting and imbuing items. Also there’s a wealth of new lore to discover, as Arboreus is the domain of Elysium, one of the Good gods in the universe of Fractured Online – the very first god, to be precise. Who turned himself in the original planet (named also Elysium, like himself) and created all the other Gods. He is the one and only source of the natural energy flowing through the lands – as well as Nelena, another Good god, and also the goddess of the wild and mother of all Wildfolk. Do you want to learn more about the society of the Wildfolk? Their clans, their tribes, their High Druids, their fighting rituals, their offerings to their gods? There’s lots of wonderful new things to learn when dealing with walking Tigers and Harts.

One question remains though: How will you ever reach this brave new world? Well, you can travel there by means of a Stargate which you may know from the end of the introductory tutorial – later on they will feature quite a bit more spectacle though. Each continent has its own Stargate which can be activated for a brief period of time by consuming raw primal energy in the form of primal crystals. These crystals are only available on Arboreus, so Humans and Demons will need to trade with Wildfolk for them, or get some themselves whenever they manage to reach Arboreus. But that is something that we will dig into deeper in a later feature spotlight.

Until next time,
Your Fractured Online Team


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Fractured Online – Guide Contest

guide contest

Hello adventurers!
Ever wanted to help shape the experience for new adventurers or even rekindle the knowledge of content and mechanics?

Well now is your chance to shine and write a guide for Fractured Online!

The Guide Contest will run from September 2, 2022 and ends on September 23, 2022

How do I enter?

1. Go to the Official Fractured Online Wiki and create a page!
2. Start writing your guide on any topic or content you wish to talk about.
3. Set your article in the Guides category, you can do so by clicking on the cog icon, select Categories, write ”Guides” and you’re now free to save your guide!
4. Be sure to add your Discord handle (i.e Arcahem#4447) to be eligible for a reward!

Struggling to decide which guide you should write?
Feel free to pick any of these open topics provided by our wonderful Wiki Guardians to create a guide on!

1) “A life in purple: The ten most common ways to get killed and how to avoid them.
2) “That’s hot! A guide to everything blacksmithing
3) “City government for dummies“.
4) “A painful lesson: The mysteries of damage calculation
5) “I don’t think that luck means what you think it means
6) “Landing zone: How to decide between playing on Myr or Aerhen
7) “Gonna siege ’em all! How to raid and conquest cities.
8) “Free real estate: How to choose where to place your plot.
9) “Dazed for days: Understanding crowd controls and saving throws
10) “Do you even legend? The complete guide to finding and fighting the biggest creatures of the realm

Should you have any questions, please get in touch with our Wiki Guardians over on our Official Discord for any assistance or check out this guide made by our wonderful Wiki Guardians!


1. Your guide must be written in English.
2. Your guide must not contain inappropriate content or swear words.
3. Do not copy guides, or parts of them, from other users without consent.
4. Do not create quick levelling guides or ways to optimally farm/defeat mobs.
5. Your guide must adhere to Fandom’s Community Guidelines.


1st Place: 1000 Credits + Exclusive Discord role “𝓔𝔁𝓹𝓮𝓻𝓲𝓮𝓷𝓬𝓮𝓭”
2nd Place: 750 Credits
3rd Place: 500 Credits

1st place prize was awarded to Rhomdruil, congratulations adventurer, you are truly experienced!

How are winners chosen?

Winners are chosen from the Fractured Online team based on the accuracy of their guide and level of detail and will be announced on September 30, 2022 on our social platforms.

Be sure to read our Terms of Participation!

Please note, should a guide become outdated after the event it will not entail the prize being revoked from winning users.

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Free Weekend Live Now!

Free Weekend

The Free Weekend has now started!
Until September 5, 2022 4PM CEST / 10 AM ET / 8 AM PT enjoy free Fractured Online play time!

During the Free Weekend enjoy the continents of Myr and Aerhen, adventure into gorgeous landscapes or accidentally stumble into a Bandit camp, where your stay isn’t exactly all too welcome, where you go, what you fight and who accompanies you is all part of your story!

Invite your friends to try Fractured Online today and make your epic adventure even more epic!
Work together on taking down those pesky goblins, build your house together, gear up with powerful equipment, expand your ranks with new powerful allies and become the governor of a town!

How do I access the Free Weekend?

Redeem the code “FRACFREEWE0288” to gain immediate access to Fractured Online through the Glyph Launcher!

That’s it! You’re now all set to start your epic adventure!
Happy adventuring!

Have any feedback?
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Bug Fix Galore! – Patch Notes

Hello adventurers!

It’s time to deploy several bug fixes and changes to the city conquest and raid systems!

• The defender’s main banner (in front of the Town Hall) now disappears after a raid is over.
• Player can no longer dash, jump and relocate through closed city gates.
• Fixed a bug that would fail to assign banners in the city to the defenders. This made it so that the UI would always show 0/0 banners and the main banner could be damaged even if the secondary banners were stills standing.
• City gates now open after a raid is over.
• Stone and wooden walls had the same amount of HP. Wooden walls are now slightly weaker, while stone walls are now twice as strong as wooden walls (so much stronger than before!).
• City gates now close automatically when the battle starts.
• Walls now reset to the maximum HP value when the siege is over.
• Catapult HP and resistances have been increased considerably. They’re now (roughly) half as resistant as a secondary siege banner.
• The maximum number of siege participants has been decreased from 30v30 to 20v20.
• Mouseover on Tin Deposit doesn’t say “Stone Deposit” anymore.

Shorter patch notes than usual but we hope to bring more bug fixes to you in the future!

Happy adventuring!
Your Fractured Online team

Have any feedback?
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Council of Elysium – Chapter Nine – Twitch Stream

Hello adventurers!
The Ninth Chapter of the Council of Elysium Twitch stream is just around the corner!

Join Knilpu and Arcahem for an evening of fun as we catch up on the latest Fractured Online news and answer some of your questions!

Where: gamigo’s Official Twitch
When: August 26 – 9PM CEST / 12PM PDT / 3PM EDT

Bring a cold drink and gather all of your questions!
See you there!

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Glyph Goes Purple!

Hello adventurers!

Don’t miss any important news, great promotions, new games, or interactive events in your favourite Glyph games ever again!
We’re happy to present to you our brand-new Glyph homepage, where you will find everything in one place!

Let’s briefly navigate through the website together!

All your favourite games in one place!

Choose one of our Glyph games and be redirected to the respective game’s homepage, where you can set up an account and start your new adventures!

Don’t miss any news!

All the news for your favourite games in one place!
Don’t miss any important news about your favourite Glyph games anymore!

Store and Support!

‘Store’ – just as you would expect – brings you to the Glyph Store, which is perfect if you want to claim one of your items or have a quick look at what we have in store for you!

‘Support’ is the location you will navigate to if you need any assistance, simply click on it to be redirected to our customer support & guides.

But that’s not all, Glyph goes purple!

As many of you have noticed already, our Glyph launcher has experienced a recolouring from black to purple. No reason to worry as all features remain unchanged and you will be able to find everything in the same place you did before!

Feel free to join the Official Fractured Online Discord to share any feedback and thoughts about the new redesigned website and launcher!

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Fractured Online – Free Weekend!


Hello adventurers!
It’s time to open up the gates for new adventurers with a Free Weekend open to everyone!

From September 2, 2022 – 4PM CEST / 7AM PDT / 9AM EDT until September 5, 2022 – 4PM CEST / 7AM PDT / 9AM enjoy free play on Fractured Online!

Explore the worlds of Myr and Aerhen, take on powerful enemies with your friends as you rack up Knowledge Points, craft powerful gear, use it to show off what real craftsmanship is like or sell it to other adventurers for coin to expand your trading empire!

This and much more awaits you in Fractured Online!



Trouble with the Obsidian Rupture! (Spawn Event)

When: September 3, 2022 – 4PM CEST / 7AM PDT / 9AM EDT
Where: Myr @ -1745W -1300N

The Obsidian Rupture is back once again to cause even more mayhem on Syndesia!
This time, a weary adventurer discovered an outlandish piece of parchment after the last time the Obsidian Rupture appeared.

It reads the following message:

“Your most sagacious Master Hel Efix,

Our efforts to open additional ruptures have continuously been thwarted by the humans on Syndesia.
Previously, as discussed with Exarch Nazh, the rupture fails to create a real threat to the inhabitants of the planet whilst still being unable to reach the lands covered in ice.

Exarch Nazh’s research has proven to effectively stabilize the rupture by using more accumulated Despair, thus allowing for more controllable ruptures.

We will continue to further develop the rupture to expand our reach into the human world and create more havoc.

our eternal allegiance,
Ak Rezk”

Quite mysterious, I wonder who these people are and what their plan is for the Obsidian Rupture..
Oh, before I forget, next to the parchment there were several numbers carved into the ground:

“22 – 1 – 12 – 24 – 19 – 16 – 10 – 13 – 3 – 12”

What could this possibly mean?


Have any feedback?
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Fractured Online – Early Access

Hello adventurers!

Today it’s an exciting day to announce some big news!
September 15, 2022 Fractured Online officially enters Early Access!

What does Early Access bring?

Arboreus is no longer on the horizon and is within reach, the verdant lands will become available to all adventurers on September 15, along with the peaceful Wildfolk, the guardians of nature who roam Terra, Arboreus’ first continent.

Get ready to explore the vast jungles, filled with all kinds of inhabitants, from towering lizardmen to creepy crawling slugs, or perhaps the extensive beaches and the overgrown volcano are more your cup of tea, this and much more awaits on Terra for you to unearth.

The Wildfolk have a strong connection with nature, living their peaceful way and fighting any disturbances that threaten the balance of their lands, this bond grants them natural affinity towards druid magic, directly tapping power from the planet and are capable of morphing into their animal counterpart, making the Wildfolk the undisputed Guardians of Nature.

This and much more coming to Fractured Online!

Server Wipe

The Fractured Online servers will undergo a wipe before the start of Early Access and all progress you have obtained so far will be removed.
We have taken this decision to give all adventurers, new and old an equal start.

What exactly will be wiped?
Anything that is characters, items, towns and knowledge points.

Will there be more wipes?
There will be one more wipe at Fractured Online’s official launch.

Early Access is just another step of our adventure and we’re excited for every other step of the way along the development of Fractured Online and we hope you’ll keep supporting us along the way with all of your feedback!


Are you a Content Creator and looking forward to streaming on Early Access?
Then get all the materials you may need with the Fractured Online Official Fan Kit!

See you on Arboreus!
Your Fractured Online team


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Council of Elysium – Chapter Eighth – Twitch Stream

The Council of Elysium is around the corner!

Join Knilpu and Arcahem for the Eighth Chapter of the Council of Elysium for an evening of fun and catching up on the latest Fractured Online news!

When: August 12, 2022 9PM CEST / 12PM PDT / 3PM EDT
Where: gamigo’s Official Twitch

Bring a cold drink, share with your friends and join us for an evening of fun!


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Seasons – Patch Notes

Hello adventurers!
The Seasons update is now live and we’re introducing highly coveted Seasons!
Challenge the element of Fractured Online and get epic loot!

Rank yourself among your peers!

In this update, three new leaderboards are introduced into Fractured Online:

  • • Players Leaderboard, which lists players, ordering them by total knowledge points, PVP elo
    or legend score.
  • • Guilds Leaderboard, which lists guilds, ordering them by the sum of total knowledge points
    or PVP elo of their members or legend score of the guild.
  • • Season leaderboard, which shows guilds listed by their season score.

Those leaderboards will be available as new tabs inside the Social menu.

Score with the Legends!

PVP elo and total knowledge points remain unchanged and will be earned as normal, whereas Legend score for both players and guild will be earned as follows:

  • • 1 point if player/guild has gained loot on an easy legend.
  • • 2 points if player/guild has gained loot on an medium legend.
  • • 4 points if player/guild has gained loot on a hard legend.

The legend score is always updated in real-time, while the PvP Elo and total KP of a player are updated every 15 minutes or when the player logs out


PVP Elo [PE] has always existed in the game, but it was visible only from the Character menu.

All new characters start with 0 PE (Unranked PE) and every time a new character kills another player and gains “loot rights”, disregarding the alignment of both players, it gains +2 PE and every time it dies it loses -1 PE.

Once a character reaches 20 PE it automatically moves to Ranked PE and is assigned a new score of 1000 and at this point, a character can never go back to Unranked.

Every time a Ranked character is killed in PVP, the average PE of all Ranked players who gained rights is computed (avgKillersRating) and how much PE is lost by the victim is determined by a classic ELO formula:


The same amount of PE lost by the victim is gained by the killers, equally split between all of them.

Please note: players don’t gain actually loot rights against other players like they do VS monsters.
Whether a player can loot the corpse of another player depends solely on the alignment of the two and “loot rights” are used solely to determine whether a player has deal enough damage or not.


City Allegiance

Cities can now pledge allegiance to a guild. Governor or Vice Governor of a city can go to their Town Hall, in the Management Page there will be a new button named Pledge Allegiance which they can use to open up a menu with a list of guilds (filterable) and then pledge allegiance to a guild of their choice.

This will allow the guild to gain season points every 24 hours.
Pledge can be changed unless the city is under siege, in this case, this feature won’t be available.

Season Points

Season points (SP) are gained as follows:

  • • Whenever a guild gains loot right on a Legend, it gains +1/2/4 SP according to the difficulty of the Legend, although, if multiple members of the same guild gain loot rights on a Legend, the guild only gains points once.
  • • If a city is pledged to a guild, that guild earns and amount of SP equal to RoundUp(CityRank/2*NationMultiplier)

○ NationMultiplier is 1 if the city isn’t part of a nation or if it’s part of a nation in which it’s the only city, otherwise the Nation Multiplier is equal to 1+MemberCities/10.
○ Explained with an example: 4 rank 15 cities generate 8 SP per day if alone, if united in the same nation they generate 11 SP per day.

  • • When a city pledged to a guild wins a raid and the losing city was pledged to a guild as well, the winning guild steals 15 SP from the losing guild and if the loser doesn’t have enough SP, the winner still steal fewer since SP cannot fall below 0.

City Repairs Incoming!

Multiple city-related changes and bug fixes have been introduced in this patch:

  • Nations declared on Aerhen are no longer mistakenly created on Myr.
  • • All existing nations have been deleted to correct the nation data.
  • • Sieges declared on Aerhen are no longer mistakenly assigned to the cities with the same ID on Myr.
  • • Defenders within the Town Hall are now protected from PVP, just like the attackers within the Siege Tent.
  • • Fixed a bug that would sometimes make the siege banners built by the defenders not be assigned to the city so the main banner in front of the town hall was immediately vulnerable.
  • • Fixed a bug that would sometimes prevent the main siege banner of the defenders from spawning in front of the Town Hall, which would then guarantee a victory for the defenders.
  • • Fixed a bug that would make city rank not correctly update server-side, this could have created various issues, such as the inability to declare a raid against a city because the server thought it was rank 0.
  • • Players who log into the game within a siege zone during the siege battle and aren’t attackers or defenders are now correctly kicked from the siege zone.

Backend Rework

There has been a major backend rework to make servers more secure and prevent accidental interaction between live and QA servers.

  • • Player creation, login and logout.
  • • Cities.
  • • Social structures such as parties, guilds and settler groups.
  • • Player land parcels

Bug Fixes

  • Points of Interest are now discovered correctly on Aerhen when a player gets nearby.
  • • Fixed an issue that would sometimes prevent players from placing corner walls in their city wall zone.
  • Attackers can no longer open city gates during sieges
  • Attackers can now only place 3 banners instead of 5.
  • • The crafting mastery progression bar that shows the progression from the current rank to the next now updates correctly.
  • • Horses can no longer be mounted when knocked down.
  • • The Clear Filters button in the UI of the marketplace now correctly resets the city filter to “this city”.
  • • Invites to join a Settler Group can no longer be sent to players who are already citizens of a city.
  • • Trusted Citizens are now able to deposit food into the town hall of their city.
  • • The world map icon of land parcels is no longer shown on different continents too.
  • • The war hammer and morning start movement animations now correctly get faster/slower according to the movement speed modifier.
  • • Issuing a loot or gather command right after killing a creature no longer breaks the walk and run animations.

Should you encounter any bugs, please use the Bug Report Form.
Should you have any feedback related to patch notes, please click the Discuss button below!

Your Fractured Online team


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