Closed Beta Starts Soon!

Set the date on your calendars, the Fractured Online Closed Beta will start on Apr 6, 2022!

The Closed Beta welcomes new and older players to explore the new continent of Aerhen, where Humans largely preside. You will need cold insulation to last in this mountainous region filled with snow and ice as the weather will regularly test your mettle. If the weather doesn’t get you, the Jotunns, Mammoths, Moose, Arctic Wolves, and various Elementals will. These new creatures can be found throughout Aerhen, but proceed with caution, we don’t know the last time they had a decent bite to eat, and your might be their next meal!

With Closed Beta on its way, you may have a lot of questions about what’s coming and what’s changing, but worry not, you will find below all you need to know about the upcoming changes so you’re fully prepared to jump into action!

Closed Beta FAQ

When will the Closed Beta Start?

The Closed Beta will start on Apr 6, 2022!

How do I get access to the Closed Beta?

A purchase of one of the Founder’s Packs will grant you access to the Closed Beta and any future game phases, including the full release.

How much will the Closed Beta cost?

Any purchase of the new Founder’s Packs, starting as low as 25.99 €/$, will grant you access to the Closed Beta, any future game phases and the full release. Check out the Founder’s Packs in our store and secure your 24/7 game access and exclusive in-game items.

What’s the goal for this testing phase?

During Closed Beta we will introduce and test new features, update existing ones based on community feedback, and allow access to the game 24/7. Join now to start your adventure.

Will access during Closed Beta be limited?

No, we intent to keep servers online 24/7, and only take them offline for maintenance and updates.

Will characters and progress be wiped for Closed Beta?

Yes, all character data and progress from previous tests and Alpha Weekends will be wiped before Closed Beta launch.

Will progress from Closed Beta carry over to launch?

No, all character data and progress achieved during Closed Beta will be wiped before launch.

Am I allowed to stream and create content during the Closed Beta?

Yes, we invite everyone who wants to stream and create content to do so!

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