Dynamight Studios and gamigo looking ahead

Hi, fellow gamer and MMO enthusiast!

On this very special day, we are excited to share the news with you that gamigo will be publishing Fractured – now renamed to Fractured Online, because hell yeah, marketing!

We know some of you had figured it out already and have raised questions and concerns. We were itching to reply to you, but had to wait until we could break the news officially, and that was delayed a few days from the original date.

What’s Changing

In a nutshell, the faces you came to know and love at Dynamight Studios will be around with more resources to support our vision and ensure that more people will play and enjoy Fractured Online, giving it the audience and player numbers it needs to be a success! In fact, the team is as busy as ever developing Fractured Online.

We acknowledge some of you might feel uneasy about this announcement, but we can assure you that all the new faces you will come across absolutely share our vision and are just as excited as you are to see our game flourish and grow into something truly special.

The game’s development and its core design will not change. Dynamight retains ownership of the IP and creative control over Fractured Online, while gamigo fully supports us and is excited to offer resources to ensure plenty of future developments – to full release and long after!

If you want to get some additional info, here’s a video from CEO of Dynamight Studios, Jacopo Pietro Gallelli.

Q&A Livestream

If you have any more questions or doubts, you can leave them in this dedicated forum post or the dedicated channel #dec-18-gamigo-deal-qna on our Discord server.

We’re going to answer them in an upcoming AMA on Twitch.tv, starting on December 18th at 10AM PST / 7PM CET / 1PM EDT!

That said, we’re excited to embark on this new journey alongside with gamigo and most importantly with you, our beloved community.

See you on Elysium!