Feature Spotlight – New Continent

The Syndesia you know and love is growing! Aerhen’t you excited? Here’s a look at what you can expect from 40 square kilometers of interactive environments, diverse biomes, and dangerous enemies!


Carefully crafted to provide all those who visit with a realistic adventure, Aerhen isn’t for the faint of heart. Syndesia’s newest continent has been cut to size and its content curated in order to make every minute a gameplay meaningful. Frigid temps*, torrential rain*, and evil elementals are just a few of the challenges you’ll face on the variety of terrains you’ll traverse. Let’s take a closer look at these and more!

About Aerhen


No matter what they say, size does matter, and we’ve found the sweet spot: 40 square kilometers. This is the perfect size not only for a balanced mix of free exploration, planned journeys to acquire coveted items, and realistic interaction with fellow players, but also maintains smooth technical performance in the background, securing you a pleasurable gaming experience!


It’s never a bad idea to check the weather forecast before heading to Aerhen. This continent introduces unique biomes where you’ll encounter new monsters and learn to navigate challenging environments. But learning to adapt to this new land is worth it, because divine energy is pulsing through the Temples of Galvanos.

The mountainous regions on Aerhen are a thing of beauty, and as you climb the rocky terrain, you’ll also begin to see patches of snow as the environment changes.

Just on the outskirts of the grassy terrain known as steppe, colors combine to create a beautiful scene.

The tundra is where you’ll find foliage rich in many shades of red. Situated slightly lower than the mountains, you’re a step away from the more dangerous regions of Aerhen, making it a perfect place to set up camp.


Fire, rain, crystal, ice – these monsters don’t play nice, no matter shape or size!

Primelings, crawling creatures with crab-like arms and claws, are among the smallest enemies you’ll encounter on Aerhen. Elementals come in a pairing, normal and greater, with the latter doing more damage and being harder to beat.

Jotunns also have their place on Aehren. While the ultimate jotunn looks like the stuff of legends, summoned from the depths of hell, you’ll also come across warrior and mage jotunns, to name a few. And speaking of legends, beware of the monstrous mammoths!

And if those aren’t enough to keep you on your toes, you’ll also need to keep an eye out for goblins, spiders, and bandits – oh my!

But all of these enemies are worth encountering and conquering, because there are over 40 abilities to learn and many opportunities for magic!


Abilities, however, aren’t the only reason to visit Aerhen. What else will you find on this continent? Rich resources! You might have acquired silver and gold on Myr but still haven’t found charcoal or crystal. Thanks to a variety of elements and climates, many minerals are yours to be harvested.

Getting to Aerhen, however, is no easy feat. It’s expensive (a minimum of 1,000 coins) and can only happen via a harbor. And the more equipment you take with you, the costlier your trip will be. This means you’ll want to consider producing items on one single continent and bringing them back to your settlement rather than hauling raw materials with you.


Now that you know a little bit more of the 40 square kilometers or fresh content coming your way, it’s time to do some thinking about how you’ll take advantage of the 40 square kilometers of opportunity! Because Aerhen isn’t just a continent to visit, it’s a continent to call home. Those craving realistic, interactive environments and the feeling of not just playing an MMORPG but living inside of one will find their desires fulfilled on Syndesia’s newest uncharted territory.

Come for a visit and stay. You won’t regret it!

*PLEASE NOTE: Weather effects will not be available at Fractured Online’s Closed Beta launch. Instead, it will be available shortly afterwards.


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