Feature Spotlight – The life, World and Origin of the Wildfolk

feature spotlight

The vast landscapes of Fractured Online feature three very different worlds: Syndesia, home of the humans. Tartaros, birthplace of the demonic races – and finally Arboreus, where the Wildfolk roam free. In this feature spotlight we’re going to show you what to expect in this lush jungle paradise.


Nobody has to be explained who humans are – a deep look into the mirror tells us pretty much all we need to know about them. The demonic race, consisting of Blood Demons, Hellfire Demons and Shadow Demons, are obviously more alien to us, and will be discussed in great detail in a later feature spotlight. Right here and now we’re going to focus on the third race populating the worlds of Fractured Online: the Wildfolk.

Wildfolk are the native inhabitants of Arboreus, a jungle-like environment, home to many beautiful and proud peoples, of which we’re going to focus on two here: the Tiger-like Chadra and the Erwydra, who are closely related to Deer. These two will be released for all players of Fractured Online in September 2022, alongside Arboreus. Two additional character races will follow later on: The Bear-like Nheedra as well as the Udoadra, closely resembling Wolves, who we will feature in another spotlight.

In their first years, the Chadra and Erwydra younglings move around like your typical quadruped – but very soon they rely more and more on their hind legs, eventually using only these for walking and running, resembling humans at least in their posture. Unlike humans, however, Wildfolk are in their core a very peaceful society, living in harmony with nature and other creatures surrounding them – which in gameplay terms means that playing on Arboreus is very much focused on working cooperatively.


Playing Wildfolk is very different to playing humans or demons. For one thing, Wildfolk are deeply connected to their mother planet. This means they draw power directly from the primal energy of their homeworld of Arboreus, which gives them a distinct advantage in combat. Secondly, most of their abilities are rooted in the arts of druidic magic – even the structure of their society is based on tribes and clans who are led by deeply respected High Druids.

Fights between Wildfolk and other races are defined by the former’s fast and agile movements, which means that Wildfolk prefer light armor and clothes over heavy equipment. In any case, Chadra, the Tiger-Kin, are formidable fighters, delivering lightning-quick and precise attacks, while Erwydra, the Hart-Kin, lean much more towards the use of nature-bound magic due to their more fragile body structure.


Arboreus is a warm, tropical world, full of forest and jungles, rivers and lakes, volcanoes and steppes. Although it is the homeworld of all the Wildfolk races, it can also be visited by the other races – at least if they know how to behave! Humans with a Good alignment are welcome too, at least for a limited time frame, surrendering some of their stats. Demons on the other hand, and players with Neutral or even Evil alignment are personae non grata on Arboreus, who will be attacked by the land and its many usually peacefully grazing inhabitants itself while suffering heavy debuffs! So you really need to become one with the mindset of the Wildfolk in order to be allowed to visit them for any longer period of time. If you’re good on Arboreus, nobody can and will attack you.

From a geographical point of view, Arboreus has a lot to offer – quite literally, as the map is about 56 km² in size (which translates into about 22 square miles). While the main environment here is the jungle and its coast, this world has a lot more to offer: Spend enough time on Arboreus, and you will encounter volcanoes, mountains, tundras, large beaches, swamps or steppes. This means that players have to actually care about their insulation in order to survive some of the harsher environments. Most of the time however you will roam freely in the lush jungles Arboreus is famous for, in which the Fractured Online Fashion Department recommends dressing in light layers as the climate can get quite hot. Not as hot as on a demon world, but it’s a jungle environment after all – they tend to be on the warmer side of things.


Strolling around the rich and varied landscapes of Arboreus, sooner or later you will discover a lot of creatures – new creatures that you are not going to find on any other world of Fractured Online! Most of them are fitting the theme of the world they’re living on, like Sea Turtles, Komodo Dragons, Giant Bullfrogs, Salt Water Crocodiles, Sea Crabs, Warthogs, Wooly Tapirs or Giant Rats – many of them big and mean and ready to deliver swift doom to any brash adventurer!

There’s also all sorts of lizards, starting very small and Gecko-like and ending with man-sized Iguanas. An assortment of insects like the Termidians, which are, as the name suggests, closely related to our infamous termites – on Arboreus they start as larvae before becoming spitters, warriors and even witches! By the way, we have good news for all players suffering from arachnophobia: there are no spiders on Arboreus!

However, there are many forms of Ogres – which you may know from Myr, but there’s a different brood waiting for you on Arboreus. There are Behemuts, really big, really strong and really awesome creatures! There are Bandits that you will only find at the coast as they do not dare walk deeper into the lands. And at the very top of the food chain there are… Dragons! Arboreal Dragons, Mountain Dragons and Ember Dragons, just waiting patiently for any all-too inquisitive adventurer. It’s like your mom used to say: don’t play with the fire-breathing lizard if you can’t handle the melting bones!


Playing the Wildfolk not only lets you encounter many new creatures, but also gives you a ton of new things to find! For example, there will be 40-50 new abilities available on this continent as well as many new resources to collect that you can then use for crafting and imbuing items. Also there’s a wealth of new lore to discover, as Arboreus is the domain of Elysium, one of the Good gods in the universe of Fractured Online – the very first god, to be precise. Who turned himself in the original planet (named also Elysium, like himself) and created all the other Gods. He is the one and only source of the natural energy flowing through the lands – as well as Nelena, another Good god, and also the goddess of the wild and mother of all Wildfolk. Do you want to learn more about the society of the Wildfolk? Their clans, their tribes, their High Druids, their fighting rituals, their offerings to their gods? There’s lots of wonderful new things to learn when dealing with walking Tigers and Harts.

One question remains though: How will you ever reach this brave new world? Well, you can travel there by means of a Stargate which you may know from the end of the introductory tutorial – later on they will feature quite a bit more spectacle though. Each continent has its own Stargate which can be activated for a brief period of time by consuming raw primal energy in the form of primal crystals. These crystals are only available on Arboreus, so Humans and Demons will need to trade with Wildfolk for them, or get some themselves whenever they manage to reach Arboreus. But that is something that we will dig into deeper in a later feature spotlight.

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