Fractured Online – Early Access

Hello adventurers!

Today it’s an exciting day to announce some big news!
September 15, 2022 Fractured Online officially enters Early Access!

What does Early Access bring?

Arboreus is no longer on the horizon and is within reach, the verdant lands will become available to all adventurers on September 15, along with the peaceful Wildfolk, the guardians of nature who roam Terra, Arboreus’ first continent.

Get ready to explore the vast jungles, filled with all kinds of inhabitants, from towering lizardmen to creepy crawling slugs, or perhaps the extensive beaches and the overgrown volcano are more your cup of tea, this and much more awaits on Terra for you to unearth.

The Wildfolk have a strong connection with nature, living their peaceful way and fighting any disturbances that threaten the balance of their lands, this bond grants them natural affinity towards druid magic, directly tapping power from the planet and are capable of morphing into their animal counterpart, making the Wildfolk the undisputed Guardians of Nature.

This and much more coming to Fractured Online!

Server Wipe

The Fractured Online servers will undergo a wipe before the start of Early Access and all progress you have obtained so far will be removed.
We have taken this decision to give all adventurers, new and old an equal start.

What exactly will be wiped?
Anything that is characters, items, towns and knowledge points.

Will there be more wipes?
There will be one more wipe at Fractured Online’s official launch.

Early Access is just another step of our adventure and we’re excited for every other step of the way along the development of Fractured Online and we hope you’ll keep supporting us along the way with all of your feedback!


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See you on Arboreus!
Your Fractured Online team


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