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Hello adventurers!
It’s time to open up the gates for new adventurers with a Free Weekend open to everyone!

From September 2, 2022 – 4PM CEST / 7AM PDT / 9AM EDT until September 5, 2022 – 4PM CEST / 7AM PDT / 9AM enjoy free play on Fractured Online!

Explore the worlds of Myr and Aerhen, take on powerful enemies with your friends as you rack up Knowledge Points, craft powerful gear, use it to show off what real craftsmanship is like or sell it to other adventurers for coin to expand your trading empire!

This and much more awaits you in Fractured Online!



Trouble with the Obsidian Rupture! (Spawn Event)

When: September 3, 2022 – 4PM CEST / 7AM PDT / 9AM EDT
Where: Myr @ -1745W -1300N

The Obsidian Rupture is back once again to cause even more mayhem on Syndesia!
This time, a weary adventurer discovered an outlandish piece of parchment after the last time the Obsidian Rupture appeared.

It reads the following message:

“Your most sagacious Master Hel Efix,

Our efforts to open additional ruptures have continuously been thwarted by the humans on Syndesia.
Previously, as discussed with Exarch Nazh, the rupture fails to create a real threat to the inhabitants of the planet whilst still being unable to reach the lands covered in ice.

Exarch Nazh’s research has proven to effectively stabilize the rupture by using more accumulated Despair, thus allowing for more controllable ruptures.

We will continue to further develop the rupture to expand our reach into the human world and create more havoc.

our eternal allegiance,
Ak Rezk”

Quite mysterious, I wonder who these people are and what their plan is for the Obsidian Rupture..
Oh, before I forget, next to the parchment there were several numbers carved into the ground:

“22 – 1 – 12 – 24 – 19 – 16 – 10 – 13 – 3 – 12”

What could this possibly mean?


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