Fractured Online – June 16 Patch

Today’s patch brings a few changes to Fractured Online – some new, some returning, and some requested quality of life updates!

Give Aerhen Love

It was about time that Aerhen, our latest continent, received some well-deserved love and attention.

With this update, we’re finally making its most central location, Dawn Island, available for everyone to explore. The place is filled with the glimmering Crystal Elementals, from which you can acquire the following brand new abilities: Crystalline Skin, Crystalline Touch, Crystal Shackles, Primal Storm. Get ready to tweak and adapt your build(s)!

Adding to the above, we’ve also fixed the nodes of Sulphurite and Platinum, brand new resources found only on Aerhen that you can use for crafting!

To make it all easier to explore, we’ve updated the minimap of Aerhen, giving it a more cartoonish/stylized look. This change should make it much easier to identify roads and cliffs. If you like it, we could do it for Myr too!

Please mind that’s not all, as Aerhen still has more love coming and you can expect to meet its new fearsome Legends very soon!

Raids Re-Enabled!

Raids may now be launched again by a city against another city on the same continent, disregarding if it’s neighboring or not.

A successful raid will award the winning city with an amount of gold and food equal to that required to raise the losing city from its previous rank to its current one. If the losing city has enough food and gold in its treasury, said amount will be subtracted, otherwise nothing is subtracted but the losing city is deranked.

Mage Staff Upgrades

Mage Staves have been updated both visually and mechanically. All of them, with the exception of the Primitive Staff, now have unique properties and a new visual and sound effects.

  • Energy Staff‘s special attribute is 15% Cooldown Reduction.
  • Fire Staff‘s special attribute is +10 Warm stacks per hit.
  • Ice Staff‘s special attribute is +10 Chilled stacks per hit.
  • Shock Staff‘s special attribute is +10 Shocked stacks per hit.
  • Poison Staff‘s special attribute is +5 Poison stacks per hit.
  • Acid Staff‘s special attribute is +10 Corrosion stacks per hit.

This adds to the previous patch and is part of our work to make mage characters more competitive in the PvP and PvE end-game.

Player Corpse Markers

We all hate that fated moment when we die from an epic battle… or starve in the comfort of our homes.

Regardless of where you died, you will now be able to easily locate your death location on the map and minimap with a skull marker, which is only visible to the player the corpse belongs to.

New Sound Effects

Even more abilities that were previously silent have received new sound effects.

We’re talking of over 20 abilities, meaning that there’s only a handful left now that are still silent or re-use the sound effects of other abilities!

Bug fixes

  • All status effects except diseases (e.g. Necrotic Disease) are now removed when a player gets knocked down.
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes make monsters take no damage if they moved from a server worker to a different one
  • The Hit Incorporeal Being property given by some materials now works as intended. It allows players to hit incorporeal beings such as Woodland Wisps with melee weapons and arrows.
  • Fixed a bug that would make arrows shot from a bow with Damage Conversion apply the magical damage portion twice.
  • Crafting items from crafting stations in the tutorial island no longer requires paying the items’ basic crafting fee.

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