Fractured Online – June 7 Patch Notes

Hello adventurers,

today’s patch brings a lot of changes, quality of life updates and bug fixes!

We have a lot to go through, so without further ado, let’s see what’s new!

Chat Upgrade

We’ve heard you loud and clear and we’re happy to deliver the highly requested chat upgrades to Fractured Online!

Three new global chat channels have been introduced: Trade, Recruit and Help. Additionally, you will now be able to create your own chat categories and decide which channels you receive in each category. This is done by selecting a category and clicking on the gear icon next to the name.

The 6 categories provided by default are:

  • General, which receives all channels
  • Local, which receives the local channel
  • Trade, which receives the trade channel
  • Help, which receives the help channel
  • Party, which receives your party chat
  • Guild, which receives your Guild’s chat

Please note these are just the defaults. As mentioned above, you can rename each category and its content as you like.

Trusted Citizen Role

Trusted Citizen is a new role above Citizen and directly below Vice-Governor, which allows the governor to accept more “untrusted” players without worrying about them stealing from common containers.

The role grants the following permissions:

  • Use all processing stations with an internal inventory (for now: Tanning Tub, Smeltery, Packaging Station)
  • Use stockpiles
  • Use chests
  • Seed and harvest farming plots
  • Interact with the Siege Workshop and catapults

In sum, the role of regular Citizen now exists to allow players to join a city, get a land claim within it, use “instant” crafting stations that would be unusable if the “global access level” is set to “citizens only”, and enjoy a different taxation. For anything more, you have to become a Trusted Citizen!

K.O Popup Rework

The K.O. popup has been reworked for more visual clarity.

The popup now shows the 30-seconds timer with a different color and only includes one button called “Suicide”, which brings up a warning popup. If you decide to click on “suicide” in the warning popup as well, you will die and are presented with the usual death window, where you’re prompted to choose one of the three possible respawn locations.

This will hopefully put an end to new players accidentally killing themselves when KO because they don’t like to read texts 😉

Poison and Bleed Rework

Poison and bleeding mechanics have been reworked along with the spells that apply them.

The two status effects are now stack-based, with stacks that grow up to 100 and decay at a rate of 2/second. This is much slower than Chilled, Warm, Shocked and Corrosion, which decay at a rate of 5/second. Their effects get stronger the higher the number of stacks.

Bleeding now deals 2% to 8% of the target’s max health every 4 seconds as Pure damage. If the target is moving it also takes half that damage every 0.5 seconds.

Poison instead now deals 5% to 30% of the target’s max health every 3 seconds as Poison damage.

Stealth Rework

Stealth is no longer a permanent status effect that lasts until the creature revealed or reveals itself. It now has a maximum duration, determined by the ability used to activate it and the player’s Stealth modifier.

The reveal mechanics are still present and unchanged.

Multi-Loot QOL Update

Clicking on a point on the map with multiple corpses stacked on top each other now opens the inventory of all corpses.

Please note that items cannot be moved from the inventory of a corpse to another.

Balance Update

Along with the changes above, today’s update comes with a plethora of balance changes.

  • The decay rate of Chilled, Shocked, Warm and Corrosion stacks has been halved from 0.1 seconds to 0.2 seconds.
  • Battlemage Armor has been changed:
    ○ Before: “This effect is cumulative and stacks up to a bonus of 300 Energy Damage.”
    ○ After: “This effect is cumulative and stacks up to an Energy Damage bonus equal to twice the Base Damage of your current weapon.”
  • Silence now only prevents casting magical spells and doesn’t turn off spells that are already active on the victim. A future status effect called Atrophy will become the equivalent of Silence for fighting abilities belonging to the Warfare, Assassination, Hunting and Leadership schools.
  • The bonus from the Scholar Clothes to spell damage has been increased from 2% to 3% and the maximum bonus has been increased from 20% to 30%.
  • Damage Increase no longer stacks with Critical Damage for weapon attacks.
    “. Example: your base damage is 200, your Damage Increase bonus is +50%, your Critical Damage is +100%.Before: 200 x 1.5 x 2 = 600. Now: 200 x 1.5 + 200 x 1 = 500.”
  • Globe of Spell Protection and Absorb Elements are now usable with both Light and Medium Armor.
  • The Cooldown Reduction from the Warlock armor set has been decreased from 80% to 70%.
  • Guided Shot can no longer be Critical, but now deals PER*30 extra damage instead of PER*25.

New Sound Effects

  • All the Elemental creatures of Aerhen now have sound effects and longer reuse those of the Earth Elementals on Myr.
  • Totems now play sound effects on death.
  • Sound effects have been added to dozens of spells that were previously silent.

Bug Fixes

  • Cobweb now correctly applies Snare on all creatures when spawned and has friendly fire.
  • Monsters now attack players after revealing them.
  • Icons of discovered Points of Interest no longer revert to “?” after relogging.
  • The Thick-Skinned talent now correctly reduced physical damage only.
  • The monster death sound is no longer replayed when a dead monster enters the field of view of the game client.
  • The color of damage numbers now correctly matches the type of damage:
    “Red/Yellow for physical damage types, Purple/Violet for magical damage types instead of Red/Yellow for weapon damage, Purple/Violet for ability damage.”


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