Rise of the Guardians of Nature – Patch Notes

The Wildfolk planet, Arboreus, is now available with its first continent Terra.
Terra is a vast land that extends for about 40km² and features several new biomes and regions, such as:

• The beach biome, which can be found surrounding the majority of Terra.
• The jungle biome, home to overgrown flora and fauna.
• The mountain jungle biome, a variation of the jungle found at higher altitudes.
• The broken islands, which can be found in the centre of the continent.
• The volcano biome, found on the East side of Terra, where ferocious fire-loving creatures reside.

Terra also features its own unique Points of Interest (POI), where you will find a multitude of new foes to take on, including:

• The Grokoton villages with their crazy hanging platforms.
• The bandit camps – they’ve made landfall on Terra as well!
• The Termidian nests. Tired of spiders on Syndesia? Meet the terrifying gigantic insects of Terra. There’s plenty!
• The ogre villages. Not your regular metal-loving Myr ogres – even monsters on Arboreus respect nature!

Across Terra you will find many hostile creatures who are trying to defend their territory, including (but not limited to):

• The aforementioned lizard-like Grokotons, the human bandits, the Termidians and the Ogres of Arboreus.
• The huskworms… wait till you see their death animation! Nightmare fuel.
Giant turtles, crabs, and crocodiles, so that even your seaside trip is haunted.
Giant frogs, giant lizards, giant everything. That’s Arboreus for you!
Dragons. Arboreus has dragons! (and dragonlings)

In sum, that’s over 40 new unique foes, so there’s really a lot to discover on Terra. Never before we have released to many new creatures in a single update.

New abilities have been added for players to obtain:

A more detailed life of the new abilities can be found in this Forum post!

The Guardians of Nature rise!

Along Terra and its many unwelcoming inhabitants, you will find the peaceful and welcoming Wildfolk!

With the Rise of the Guardians of Nature, two of the four Wildfolk races will be available for players to pick as playable characters.

Chadra (Tiger-Kin)

Also known as Tiger-kin, the Chadra, whose body is substantially larger than that of the average human, are the Wildfolk most endowed with quick reflexes and agility. Its base bonuses on creation are:

• +2 STR, +4 DEX, +2 CON, +2 PER.
• Poison Resistance +100
• Stealth +100
• Critical Chance +4%

Erwydra (Hart-Kin)

Also known as Hart-kin, the Erwydra are smart, agile and perceptive, but physically weaker than the members of other Wildfolk races. Their base bonuses on creation are:

• +2 STR, +4 DEX, +2 CON, +2 PER.
• Poison Resistance +100
• Stealth +100
• Critical Chance +4%

In an upcoming update, the Wildfolk will also be able to turn into their Primal Form, which will be covered more in-depth in the future.

Other Changes

• The amount of Knowledge Points (KP) required to unlock a Talent Point (TP) is now much lower for the first TP you unlock, and higher for the last ones. Overall, the total KP to be spent is roughly the same.
• The durability bonus given by quality has been halved, going from +50% / +100% / +150% / +200% to +25% / +50% / +75% / +100%.
• All equipped items now lose 5% of their max durability if a character is knocked out, and 10% if the character is killed.
• The Mana Regen bonus given by each INT point has been increased from 1 to 1.5.
• The average HP, damage and gold drops from mobs have been rebalanced so that mobs with low CR (Challenge Rating), such as Goblins and Bandits, are weaker but drop less gold, while high-level mobs are roughly the same as before in both power level and drops.
• Gem drop rates from mining are now much lower, particularly those of fine and flawless gems.
• Reaching max knowledge of tutorial monsters now requires 10 kills instead of 20.
• It’s now possible to type the exact amount of gold when taking or depositing gold in the bank or the city treasury.

• Dismounting when carrying a wagon (without releasing the wagon first) no longer causes issues.
• Promoting a player to Vice-Governor no longer fails if that player is online.
• Receiving a new market notification mail while in game no longer hides existing mails.
• Cooldown reduction now works on abilities with cooldown stacks (e.g. Relocate).
• Cure Wounds no longer has infinite range.
• Harbors on Myr now show the correct city names instead of showing a mix of Myr and Aerhen cities.
• The Winter Star now has its own entry in the Book of Knowledge.