Roadmap To The Fall Alpha

Hi, fellow gamer and MMO enthusiast!

Alpha 2 – Test 3 is officially ending on Wednesday, August 19 – about 1 month since its inception, and the time has come to reveal the road ahead.

Just like at the end of Alpha 2 – Test 2, we’ve decided to once again release the roadmap earlier than we used to. This is likely going to become the new standard, since we know how hungry you are for news.

..and now, let the reveal begin!

City Content

The test that’s about to end has seen the first iteration of player cities. The system was overall very rough (and buggy!) but well-received, with most of the user feedback stating city-building is fun and full of potential.

The aim of the Fall Alpha is to feature a way more complete and polished iteration of player cities, aside from their competitive side (raids and sieges). Read on for all the details!

Resource Nodes

In Alpha 2 – Test 3, it didn’t matter much what city spot a Governor or a guild would choose. The most valuable ones were those close to PvE hotspots, and that was it.

In the coming test, each town will be connected to a specific resource node, as shown in the picture above. The citizens of the town are the only ones allowed to extract from the node.

For now, only two types of node exist – fertile grounds (yellow pins) and mineral deposits (red pins). The former allow for farming large quantities of cereals, a key component of city maintenance. Mineral deposits feature store, coal and different types of metals according to the area of the world they are in.

Thanks to resource nodes, trading between cities will become a must!

Mining & Blacksmithing

Once the ores are collected, it’s time to process them – enter the Blacksmith shop with its smelteries and forges!

What’s the end product? Of course metal weapons and armors, a much awaited addition with a huge expected impact on both PvE and PvP!

All metals armors fall under the heavy class weight. Chain armor is cheaper to make, but features lower Armor values. Plate is more expensive, heavier, and provides unrivaled protection from physical attacks!

Talking about weapons, here’s the full list:

  • Dagger (Light)
  • Scimitar (Light)
  • Mace (Light)
  • Hand Axe (Light)
  • Short Sword (Medium)
  • Long Sword (Medium)
  • Battle Axe (Medium)
  • Spear (Medium)
  • Morning Star (Medium)
  • War Hammer (Heavy)
  • Halberd (Heavy)
  • Great Axe (Heavy)
  • Great Sword (Heavy)

City Maintenance

Owning a city in Fractured is not only about building it – it’s also about maintaining it!

The higher the rank of a city, the more cumbersome it becomes to maintain. Every day (bar the first days after claiming a spot), a mix of following is due:

  • Gold
  • Cereals
  • Meat
  • Vegetables

Missing the maintenance deadlines will cause the city to lose ranks and eventually become abandoned. Ouch!

Mounts & Wagons

Goodbye endless runs around the map: mounts and wagons are finally coming to Fractured!

Mounts allow you to move around the map way faster than by foot. When mounted, your mount receives damage instead of your character. If the mount’s life is depleted, you’re dismounted and can’t get back up on your steed for a while.

Horses are the only mount planned for the Fall Alpha. Their speed and hp depend on their attributes, so watch out for the best specimens!

If you own a horse, you can pick up a wagon – a way more spacious alternative to the existing handcart. Wagons are a must for moving heavy materials, particularly between resource nodes and cities!

The Left Behind

The roadmap to Alpha 2 – Test 3 contained a few points that we didn’t manage to implement due to the unplanned addition of player militias.

As mentioned on the forums, we wanted to get a couple of them live during this test, but couldn’t do that due to the list of bug fixes being much longer than expected and all our devs having taken vacation time in August.

Don’t worry though, they aren’t forgotten. All of the following will be ready in the Fall Alpha!

  • The Harbor Master, available only in a few selected coastal large cities, which allows players to teleport to any other functional Harbor Master.
  • Minimap pins for party and guild members.
  • Direct trading between players.
  • An option to toggle combat mode manually.
  • Spell and menu hotkeys rebinding.

The Optional

We’re fairly confident that everything listed above will be in the game when the Fall Alpha goes live. That’s not all we’d like to add, however!

Below are a few additions that would make a significant positive impact on the next test. We may be able to implement one or two, but mind it could also be none of them.

  • The city market, a building to trade items for citizens and non-citizens.
  • A first iteration of the city tech tree.
  • Ability leveling.
  • A proper pet system to tame beasts to fight at your side.
  • Trolls and their encampments – several new PvE hotspots.

Let us know in the comments what’s enticing you the most!

Here we are at the end of the post. We hope you find this roadmap as exciting as we do!

Enjoy Fractured!