Seasons – Patch Notes

Hello adventurers!
The Seasons update is now live and we’re introducing highly coveted Seasons!
Challenge the element of Fractured Online and get epic loot!

Rank yourself among your peers!

In this update, three new leaderboards are introduced into Fractured Online:

  • • Players Leaderboard, which lists players, ordering them by total knowledge points, PVP elo
    or legend score.
  • • Guilds Leaderboard, which lists guilds, ordering them by the sum of total knowledge points
    or PVP elo of their members or legend score of the guild.
  • • Season leaderboard, which shows guilds listed by their season score.

Those leaderboards will be available as new tabs inside the Social menu.

Score with the Legends!

PVP elo and total knowledge points remain unchanged and will be earned as normal, whereas Legend score for both players and guild will be earned as follows:

  • • 1 point if player/guild has gained loot on an easy legend.
  • • 2 points if player/guild has gained loot on an medium legend.
  • • 4 points if player/guild has gained loot on a hard legend.

The legend score is always updated in real-time, while the PvP Elo and total KP of a player are updated every 15 minutes or when the player logs out


PVP Elo [PE] has always existed in the game, but it was visible only from the Character menu.

All new characters start with 0 PE (Unranked PE) and every time a new character kills another player and gains “loot rights”, disregarding the alignment of both players, it gains +2 PE and every time it dies it loses -1 PE.

Once a character reaches 20 PE it automatically moves to Ranked PE and is assigned a new score of 1000 and at this point, a character can never go back to Unranked.

Every time a Ranked character is killed in PVP, the average PE of all Ranked players who gained rights is computed (avgKillersRating) and how much PE is lost by the victim is determined by a classic ELO formula:


The same amount of PE lost by the victim is gained by the killers, equally split between all of them.

Please note: players don’t gain actually loot rights against other players like they do VS monsters.
Whether a player can loot the corpse of another player depends solely on the alignment of the two and “loot rights” are used solely to determine whether a player has deal enough damage or not.


City Allegiance

Cities can now pledge allegiance to a guild. Governor or Vice Governor of a city can go to their Town Hall, in the Management Page there will be a new button named Pledge Allegiance which they can use to open up a menu with a list of guilds (filterable) and then pledge allegiance to a guild of their choice.

This will allow the guild to gain season points every 24 hours.
Pledge can be changed unless the city is under siege, in this case, this feature won’t be available.

Season Points

Season points (SP) are gained as follows:

  • • Whenever a guild gains loot right on a Legend, it gains +1/2/4 SP according to the difficulty of the Legend, although, if multiple members of the same guild gain loot rights on a Legend, the guild only gains points once.
  • • If a city is pledged to a guild, that guild earns and amount of SP equal to RoundUp(CityRank/2*NationMultiplier)

○ NationMultiplier is 1 if the city isn’t part of a nation or if it’s part of a nation in which it’s the only city, otherwise the Nation Multiplier is equal to 1+MemberCities/10.
○ Explained with an example: 4 rank 15 cities generate 8 SP per day if alone, if united in the same nation they generate 11 SP per day.

  • • When a city pledged to a guild wins a raid and the losing city was pledged to a guild as well, the winning guild steals 15 SP from the losing guild and if the loser doesn’t have enough SP, the winner still steal fewer since SP cannot fall below 0.

City Repairs Incoming!

Multiple city-related changes and bug fixes have been introduced in this patch:

  • Nations declared on Aerhen are no longer mistakenly created on Myr.
  • • All existing nations have been deleted to correct the nation data.
  • • Sieges declared on Aerhen are no longer mistakenly assigned to the cities with the same ID on Myr.
  • • Defenders within the Town Hall are now protected from PVP, just like the attackers within the Siege Tent.
  • • Fixed a bug that would sometimes make the siege banners built by the defenders not be assigned to the city so the main banner in front of the town hall was immediately vulnerable.
  • • Fixed a bug that would sometimes prevent the main siege banner of the defenders from spawning in front of the Town Hall, which would then guarantee a victory for the defenders.
  • • Fixed a bug that would make city rank not correctly update server-side, this could have created various issues, such as the inability to declare a raid against a city because the server thought it was rank 0.
  • • Players who log into the game within a siege zone during the siege battle and aren’t attackers or defenders are now correctly kicked from the siege zone.

Backend Rework

There has been a major backend rework to make servers more secure and prevent accidental interaction between live and QA servers.

  • • Player creation, login and logout.
  • • Cities.
  • • Social structures such as parties, guilds and settler groups.
  • • Player land parcels

Bug Fixes

  • Points of Interest are now discovered correctly on Aerhen when a player gets nearby.
  • • Fixed an issue that would sometimes prevent players from placing corner walls in their city wall zone.
  • Attackers can no longer open city gates during sieges
  • Attackers can now only place 3 banners instead of 5.
  • • The crafting mastery progression bar that shows the progression from the current rank to the next now updates correctly.
  • • Horses can no longer be mounted when knocked down.
  • • The Clear Filters button in the UI of the marketplace now correctly resets the city filter to “this city”.
  • • Invites to join a Settler Group can no longer be sent to players who are already citizens of a city.
  • • Trusted Citizens are now able to deposit food into the town hall of their city.
  • • The world map icon of land parcels is no longer shown on different continents too.
  • • The war hammer and morning start movement animations now correctly get faster/slower according to the movement speed modifier.
  • • Issuing a loot or gather command right after killing a creature no longer breaks the walk and run animations.

Should you encounter any bugs, please use the Bug Report Form.
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