The Arrival of the Blessed Guardians – Patch Notes

Today’s patch features a much-awaited feature, a big surprise, and a few critical bugs fixes. Read below for all the details!


The highly anticipated travel between worlds is finally here! Here come the Stargates!


The final design of stargates has changed compared to the initial idea, which saw them as “special” buildings that could be placed in player cities. Instead, they are pre-existing structures already placed in the world.

There’s only 1 stargate per continent, (roughly) equally distant from the 2 starting areas of the continent. Travel is possible from a stargate to any other one. This means they can be used to travel between continents of the same planet, such as Myr and Aerhen!

To activate a stargate, just click on the control panel at the top of the structure. If you have 20 Energy Shards in your inventory and the destination gate isn’t already active, you’re good to go: just walk into the gate and reappear moments later on the other side

A gate remains open for 1 minute only. During that time, any player can travel both ways–including players who don’t belong to the same party/guild as the player who opened the gate.

Stargates are represented with an icon both on the world map and the minimap.


In the previous paragraph we’ve mentioned Energy Crystals are needed to open a stargate. These items can be gathered in a new type of world event which is only available on Arboreus.

The event consists of a large primal crystal surrounded by 10 shards. Wildfolk will be able to gather energy from the crystal to fuel their Primal Form transformation–but that’s something coming in a future update. For now, just the 10 shards can be picked up.

Only a handful of crystal events are active at the same time on Terra, and shards don’t respawn, making them a very rare and valuable resource, which is going to have other uses in the future other than opening stargates.

Crystal events aren’t visible on the world map, but they’re visible on the minimap (like existing chest events).


After the fracture, not all humans were created equal. While the large majority chose a life of free will, the Iridia preferred to live in harmony with nature – just as the Wildfolk did. Nelena of Arboreus took notice of this group, welcomed them to the Wildfolk race, and blessed them with new gifts to better help them channel primal energy. These blessings also changed the nature and basic instincts of the Iridra to behave as any other Wildfolk would, specifically ensuring they always have a good alignment to save them from the temptation of evil influences. And in this world filled with demons, there’s certainly enough evil to go around.

Because of their alignment, they’ve been rewarded with a place on Arboreus, and are officially part of the Wildfolk, thus being subject to the same rules:

• They’re teleported to Terra when leaving the tutorial island.
• They can’t choose the Evil alignment.
• They can absorb energy from primal crystals and trigger a special ability with it, although it’s conceptually different from the Primal Forms of the other Wildfolk. This feature is not implemented yet

The Iridra feature new faces, haircut and colors, clearly distinct from those of the humans of Syndesia.As for base stats, they enjoy the following bonuses:

• +1STR, +2 DEX, +2 INT, +1CON, +2 PER, +2 CHA
• Luck +50
• Mana Regeneration +5
• Health Regeneration +5

Terra Legends

The first Terra legends – the world bosses of Fractured Online – are live!
Here’s their names, creatures they’re based on and their difficulty!

Tremora, Swarm Queen (Termidian matron) – Medium
Red, Wild Predator (Crested Lizard) – Medium
Gurgle, Plague Bringer (Giant Bullfrog) – Medium
Po Co, Jungle Runner (Cassowary) – Easy

A few additional ones may be added in the future, so stay tuned!


With the Arrival of the Blessed Guardians we have made some minor but impactful changes, take a look!

• Totems can no longer be cast next to each other (disregarding the “party” of the caster). This was done both for PvP balancing and performance reasons. They also have slightly lower resistances.
• Equipment durability loss on death (10%) has been removed. It remains as before for KO (5%). In case of “direct death” (e.g. death of hunger), it’s 5% as with KO. This was done mostly to make sieges less cumbersome, as that’s a scenario when a lot of deaths (by suicide or execute) happen in a short amount of time, but we’re sure many PvE players will rejoice as well. This should effectively make durability loss in sieges 1/3 of what it used to be
• A profanity filter toggle has been added to the Settings menus (default: on). It will censor any profanities in your currently selected client language.

As well as a plethora of bug fixes!

• Friends of personal land parcels can now access items with access level “Friends”. Public access level now also works properly.
• Totems can now be attacked by melee characters and the number of stacks they apply (e.g. Warm) is now reduced by the victim’s Fortitude (as with all other spells).
• It’s no longer possible to become Agressive inside protected areas (e.g. harbors, siege tents during sieges, etc).
• One of the doors of the city stone gates didn’t block movement when closed. It now does.
• Sieges now take place on EU time if the defending city has selected EU time. Before the fix it would always use US time, unless the EU selection was done after the city was claimed.
• Soft and Tough Reptile Leathers now assign the correct properties to items instead of becoming Tough animal Leather.
• Moving a character when mounting a horse right when the progress bar is completed no longer causes the horse to move around with the idle animation.

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