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The missing piece of the Wildfolk is now here!
Let’s all learn more about how Primal Forms work!

Wildfolk can interact with the main crystals of crystal events on Terra to gather primal energy. Each crystal has an infinite supply of primal energy, but the events eventually expire and respawn somewhere else if any of the small crystals around them is gathered. Each Wildfolk has 5 “charges” that can be filled with primal energy. These are visualized as 5 pips below the HP/Mana bars in the top-left corner of the screen. The icon is colored if filled and is grey otherwise. Each charge takes 4 seconds of gathering to be filled, and the gathering process is interrupted automatically if all 5 are filled.

Wildfolk can transform to their primal form if they have at least one full charge of primal energy stored and a specific hotkey is used to trigger the transformation. This new hotkey is found in the Settings – Hotkeys menu and is visible only if the character is a Wildfolk (Z is the default key). The hotkey is shown in a new circular icon in the main UI, to the left of the Mount/Dismount icon. Each primal energy charge is enough to sustain 2 minutes of transformation. While transformed, a status effect icon appears, showing the time left before the current charge runs out. The currently active pip in the UI also gradually becomes empty. When a charge is depleted, the player immediately transforms back to its basic form. A player can also decide at any moment to revert back to its basic form by pressing the hotkey. If the player does so, the whole current charge is consumed.

Bonuses and Limitations

While transformed, all armor base bonuses and set bonuses are lost, except for imbued properties, which remain active. Weapon and shields instead are completely disabled (so their imbued properties are lost too). Both Chadra and Erwydra use unarmed melee attacks when transformed. The damage type of attack counts as “any”, so all the abilities that require a melee weapon can be used, disregarding the type of damage required to perform them.

Chadra boast the following bonuses:

On transformation:

+25% Critical Change
+500 Life
+5% Movement Speed
+400 Accuracy

Chadras use their claws while transformed, which boast the following stats:

Damage: 6.8 x STR/DEX
Damage Type: Slash/Pierce/Crush
Speed: Medium
Range: 2m in a 90° cone
Special: 25% Armor Penetration
Weight Class: Light/Medium/Heavy (No casting restrictions).

Erwydra boast the following bonuses:

+25% Cooldown Reduction
+25% Lower Mana Cost
+500 Health
+200 Evasion
+200 Willpower

Erwydras use their claws while transormed, which boast the following stats:

Damage: 4.8x STR/DEX
Damage Type: Slash/Pierce/Crush
Speed: Medium
Range: 2m in a 90° cone
Special: 20% Bashing
Weight Class: Light/Medium

When a Wildfolk character is transformed, it can only perform actions related to combat such as moving, attacking and using abilities, or actions that can be useful in combat such as interacting with containers (e.g. looting) and opening/closing doors. Any other action (mounting, gathering, building, crafting, resting…) is not permitted

Blessed Humans Transformations

The power granted by Primal Energy to Blessed Humans is radically different from that of Chadra and Erwydra. The body of the character doesn’t change when activated, and it lasts for only 10 seconds, with a cooldown of 30 seconds from the moment it was triggered.

While using the power of the crystal, the Blessed Human enjoys +200 mana regeneration and +200 health regeneration per second. A VFX is displayed on the character to indicate that it’s making use of this power.

Two new major functionalities have been added to the marketplace.

• The “Create Buy Order” tab has been renamed to “Find / Buy Item”, and it now includes the new Find Item functionality. It allows you to see all the best buy and sell orders for a specific item on any continent. This could already be done before by opening the buy order/sell orders tabs, inputting the item’s name in the filter box, and using the city selection dropdown to go through cities to find the best offers. It took several minutes to perform a search that way, while now it takes a second!
• All orders on the marketplace now expire 1 month after they’ve been created. The expiration timer is shown in the buy orders and sell orders tab.
When a buy order expires, the gold is sent back to the Global Gold Wallet of the creator of the order. When a sell order expires, the gold is sent back to the Global Gold Wallet of the creator of the order.

Moreover, the following bugs have been fixed:

• Sale orders for pieces of equipment now match correctly with buy orders that require “any” material and required a lower quality. Previously if a buy order for a piece of equipment didn’t require a specific material it would never be filled.
• The material selection dropdown is no longer available when creating buy orders for primitive weapons (which have no material).
• Fixed some minor text issues (Property for Imbued Gems and Material for pieces of equipment were both called Quality in the Create Buy Order menu).

This patch features some more major bug fixes!

• The Hunter Armor now correctly gives +50% damage against monsters with 100% knowledge acquired instead of +150%.
• Cargo cost is no longer counted twice when traveling to a harbor of a different continent. This bug made traveling between Myr and Aerhen much more expensive than it was meant to be.
• Fixed a long-standing bug that prevented players from gaining loot rights on monsters they killed under some circumstances.
• Moving while holding down the left mouse button no longer stops when the mouse hovers over UI elements.
• Fixed the last 2 bridges on Terra that were blocked on one side.
• The material choice in crafting stations no longer resets to the default material when another player interacts with a storage unit nearby.
• The game’s main theme is no longer played in the background during the login video.
• The walk animations of all races while holding a shield are now played correctly.

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