The first truly
Dynamic MMORPG


Open-World Sandbox MMORPG

Fractured Online is a dynamic, open-world sandbox MMORPG, where you define your own destiny.

The unique knowledge and talent system allows skills to be discovered, learned and mastered quickly, providing new and core players with a unique experience right from the start. With action beginning from day one, enemies are defeated through skill and cleverness, as well as the weapons you craft with precious resources and recipes you discover.

No set paths mean limitless adventure. You decide whether you explore the vast, interactive fantasy worlds, fight monsters and other players in dynamic PvE and PvP battles, gather resources, craft and enchant unique items, setup a trade empire, or build your virtual home into a prosperous city by cooperating with other settlements or conquering them.

Become the hero you always wanted to be! Less grind. More freedom and adventure.

Key Features

Sandbox open world

Fractured Online is the first open-world sandbox MMORPG mixing action combat with fully dynamic environments, appealing equally to lovers of competitive and cooperative gameplay. Jump right into the fray from day one. Learn and memorize the best skills to defeat your enemies through planning and cleverness, not equipment or level. Gather resources, craft, trade, explore and fight in your legendary adventure as a solitary hero, or start a settlement with your guild and grow it into the next empire.

Dynamic environment

Explore three different, ever-changing worlds in your own way and help to shape them to your liking. What has been true the last time you visited a place, is very likely to be different today. Roaming monsters, growing settlements and a constant day and night cycle will grant you a new experience every day. Make sure to adapt and leverage the world in the best way possible.

Unique Skill System

Fractured Online breaks the boundaries of the typical MMO genre by bringing the combat style you’ve loved in single-player Action RPGs into a complex sandbox universe. Learn to aim, dodge and master over 400 abilities and over 40 unique status effects, with more than 60 unique effects linked to specific abilities. Defeat your enemies, learn their abilities and master them for yourself. Only your skills and tactics will lead you to victory! If you can´t succeed in a certain situation, have a rest, memorize a new skillset and try again.

Player-Driven Economy​

Finding a broadsword in the corpse of a rat sounds a little unlikely? Forget about old RPG clichés and enter a world where every item is crafted by players. Exploit the uneven distribution of resources to get high profits when trading at faraway markets – but make sure you reach your destination alive! You decide if you want to craft and upgrade your own equipment, or rather spend your hard-earned money to browse the player auctions.

City building & Management

Looking for a new home? Find a suitable location in one of the player-run cities to build your house or start a new settlement with your guild. Every city is as unique as the players contributing with their individual styles. As a governor, you’ll be able to guide its development into a social, trading, or military hub. Beware, though: the rise to power of your city won’t go unnoticed, so get ready to protect it from hostile raids and sieges!

Rewarding PVP

Looking for the extra kick? Asteroids host highly competitive end-game PVP events. Travel there through one of the mysterious stargates and find death or glory. Gather scarce resources or fight for control and influence for your guild, climbing to the top of the leader boards & bringing home relics to advance your settlement.

Three Races,​ Three Gameplays

Join the first MMO where the choice of your race has a tremendous impact on all gameplay mechanics, how you interact with other players, and in what world you start in. So pick wisely!​

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