Play Fractured Free On G.Round

Hi, fellow gamer and MMO enthusiast!

We are now 2 weeks into Alpha 2 – Test 3 – time flies! In spite of its rocky start, this playtest has been the most successful so far, both in terms of sales and game metrics. Since game content is still limited, however, servers have become a little empty at this point. This means it’s time to spice things up: enter G.Round!

G.Round is an exclusive community-driven platform affiliate with Global Top Round, an investment firm that funds game startups. Starting from Thursday, August 6, it will provide all its users with a key to play Fractured until the end of Alpha 2 – Test 3.

…and yes, you can be a G.Round user too – it’s free! Just sign up here, login, and once the event starts tomorrow (or this evening, if you’re EU/US based), you’ll be able to get a game key from our game page. The key can then be activated on your Fractured account page.

G.Round will ask nothing from you but to fill a feedback survey and/or leave a review of Fractured once you’ve tested the game. That’s all feedback that will be made available to us, so it matters a lot. Plus, it will give Fractured a chance to be considered for investment by Global Top Round!


Alpha Trailer Released

Goodbye old Kickstarter presentation, haunting our home page since 2018. It took us (way too) long, but the first official Alpha Trailer is finally here!

PvE, character progression, crafting and city building – all finally on display!

You might notice PvP is missing – that’s because the state of PvP in the game isn’t great and its most important features such as city sieges, raids and territory control aren’t implemented yet. Once they are, it will get its own dedicated trailer! 😉

Dev Q&A Livestream

During this playtest, we’ve caught the attention of a great content creator – the sandbox MMO veteran Morrolan. He has a lot of questions to ask, and the CEO of Dynamight Studios will be glad to answer them all – live!

The new Q&A will take place on Morrolan’s Twitch channel today (August 5) at 9pm CEST (3pm EDT).

We know the announcement is coming very late, but worry not – even if you miss the livestream, you’ll be able to watch it later on Morrolan’s YouTube channel!

That’s it – lots of big news today!

See you all in game!



Alpha 2 – Test 3 New Launch Date

Dear Fractured followers,

we are glad to announce that the bug that forced us to postpone the launch of Alpha 2 – Test 3 has been resolved yesterday afternoon.

We’ve spent yesterday evening and the whole day today playtesting in depth to make sure no unlikely occurrence of the issue could still be around. Well, it seems it no longer is, which means the official new launch date is:

Wednesday, July 22, at 4pm CEST (10am EDT)!

I know some of you will be asking “why not starting sooner?”. The reason is simple – having a launch on a weekend is really a terrible idea, since most of the team is not around to provide support in case something bad happens! Moreover, we wanted to give you some time to prepare for the new launch.

When announcing the delay, we mentioned a compensation for your disappointment. That’s already been delivered – 1,000 Dynamight Tokens have been added to the all the accounts with access to Alpha 2 – Test 3.

Oh, one last thing. Don’t forget that client download and character creation are already available! City joining and claiming is also open, and will be closed again on Tuesday afternoon.

See you soon in game!



Alpha 2 – Test 3 Postponed

Hi everyone,

it’s with great sadness that we have to announce that the start of Alpha 2 – Test 3 has been postponed to a later date due to a game-breaking server issue that came up right today.

Since the issue is particularly tricky and obscure, we aren’t able to make any prediction on when we’ll be able to fix it. We’d love to make it by tomorrow so you can play during the weekend, but it’s more likely we’ll have to launch next week.

We are going to post real-time updates on any progress we make on our Discord server and our forums.

In 1.5 years of testing, this is the first time we have to postpone the launch of a testing phase. It’s a day we really hoped would never come, and we apologize deeply for it. We know how excited many of you are for player cities. We’ll make sure to compensate you for the disappointment of having to wait a few days longer.

Speaking of player cities, city claiming and joining has been re-opened and will be closed again the day before the new launch date.

Thank you for your understanding.

Jacopo (Prometheus) & the whole Dynamight Studios team



Alpha 2 – Test 3 Launch Day Revealed

Hi, fellow gamer and MMO enthusiast!

I’m sure you’ve been eagerly waiting to know the launch date of Alpha 2 – Test 3 – unless you’ve already seen it on Discord, the forum or the FAQ, that is 😛 So, here it comes:

Thursday, July 16, at 4pm CEST (10am EDT)!

This new test is likely to be the most feature-rich in our development history, beating even Alpha 2 – Test 2, which back in March brought to life new player onboarding (starting area + tutorial), the Vale of Shadows and a lot of related content.

So, without further ado, let’s see what’s new!

Player Cities

The largest addition going live in Alpha 2 – Test 3 is without a doubt one of the most awaited by the community – player cities!

If you own a Governor pack or above, you can claim a city territory right now on the world map. If not, you’ll be able to apply as governor in game by paying a gold fee (5,000 for a small city, 15,000 for a large city) and claim the area once you have the support of enough fellow players (4 for a small city, 14 for a large city).

Once the city territory has been claimed, citizens should repair the Town Hall, which gives access to all the city management features. After that, you are able to build roads and place personal land parcels connected to those roads. Those parcels can then be claimed by citizens, allowing them to build their own houses within the city.

Other than private land parcels, a governor is able to build the following public structures in the city:

  • Tavern, where everyone can rest and set a new spawn point.
  • Tailor, where all armor crafting now takes place (the generic Workbench has been removed from the game).
  • Carpenter, where you can craft the following new items: Wooden Club, Quarterstaff, Shortbow, Longbow.
  • Magic Shop, where you can craft the following new items: Mage Staff, Ice Staff, Fire Staff, Shock Staff.

Please note that some of the more advanced city features like the Tech Tree, sieges and resource nodes are not implemented yet, but they’re considered high priority for the following testing phases.

The Talent Tree

They’re finally here, the talents to further customize your playstyle!

The Talent Tree adds a ton of variety to your character builds and strengthens the feeling of character progression by allowing you to exchange Knowledge Points for Talent Points instead of spending them to learn discovered abilities. The current conversion cost is 1,000 Knowledge Points : 1 Talent Point.

Each character can unlock up to 60 Talent Points, which can be assigned on a tree consisting of 90 different nodes, which each node providing a different bonus and accepting a different amount of points. In sum, a classic RPG talent tree, with the peculiarity that you can create multiple talent presets and memorize a different one each time you rest – just like with abilities, no timed or paid respecs!

Survey Feedback

The survey we released after the May Open Playtest made it clear that balancing in Fractured had a long way to go, particularly in PvP. In this section, we’re going to focus on criticisms and how we’ve addressed them in Alpha 2 – Test 3.

Feedback on PvE and character progression revealed that:

  • Roughly half of the players considered progression too fast, particularly in a group, while most of the others found it appropriate.
  • PvE could be hard as a new player due to the lack of guidance on creature power…
  • …but it was also frequently reported as too simple due to how easy it was to stun-lock monsters and exploit “leashing”.

Feedback on social features revealed that:

  • Not having icons on the minimap for fellow party members sucked. This was the single most frequent feedback of the whole survey.
  • The lack of knowledge sharing in a party made parties way less useful.
  • Many of you would like to be able to invite other players in your guild/party without them being near.

Feedback on PvP revealed that:

  • TOK (time to kill) was too low. This made builds based on burst damage the only viable options.
    • Critical Damage was the obvious culprit there…
    • …and Ice Spikes + Word of Power: Kill a worthy accomplice.
  • Warriors could easily reach 100% in different magical resistances, giving them a huge advantage over mages.
  • The duration of hard CC (e.g. Stun) was generally too long. This made group PvE too easy, burst damage even stronger, and soft CC spells obsolete.

Balancing Changes

And now, let’s get to the changes!

First, here are the two most significant changes that are going to reshape PvP in Fractured:

  • Non-physical resistances now function like physical ones. This means their value now ranges from -1,000 to +1,000, which is then converted into a % of damage reduction using the armor formula. This change makes it easier to get to a decent level of magical damage reduction and harder to get to high levels. Also, since 1,000 converts to an 80% reduction, achieving total immunity is now possible only through spells such as Protection From Fire.
  • Critical Damage now applies only to the base weapon damage, which means it no longer stacks with other damage bonuses (Strength, Melee Damage Increase, etc). Conversely, it’s easier to get passive Critical Chance from attributes and enchantments.

Attributes have been rebalanced as well:

  • Strength had its bonuses/point changed as follows: Melee Damage 10 => 8, Endurance 100 => 50, Endurance Regen 1.2 p/s => 1 p/s, Carry Weight 5 kg => 6 kg. An overall nerf to the strongest attribute by far.
  • Dexterity now provides a 1% Move Speed modifier per point.
  • Perception now provides 2% passive Critical Chance per point instead of 0.5%.
  • Constitution now provides 50 Endurance per point, but no longer provides passive Life Regeneration (which is now fixed at 0.02%/s) and no longer raises Carry Weight.

Abilities in the game have also received a ton of changes, so listing them all here is impossible. On average, they’re simpler (each has fewer effects) and the highest damages / longest hard CCs have been nerfed.

Last but not least:

  • You can now see fellow party members on the minimap.
  • Monsters become immune to damage / CC and regenerate Endurance faster when leashing.
  • The number of kills required to complete the knowledge of monsters has been increased overall.
  • Each monster now has a difficulty rating (DR), which represents the ideal size of the group that should be facing it. If the number of players getting loot rights is higher than the DR, each player gets less knowledge (and vice-versa).
  • If a player gets loot rights (thus knowledge gains) on a monster, all fellow party members nearby get it too.

Useful Resources

Are you new to Fractured and don’t know where to start? Here’s a very helpful and comprehensive Fractured newcomer guide written by our community member Silynx. It’ll tell you everything you need to know to survive your first hours in the game!

Would you like to know more about city building and our plans for the future? The content creator Oxfurd has recently hosted a few Q&A sessions with the CEO of Dynamight Studios, discussing various aspects of Fractured including city building! You can find the the recordings here:

That’s all! Let us hear your feedback and see you soon in game!

Enjoy Fractured!



City Claiming Has Launched

Hi, fellow gamer and MMO enthusiast!

Alpha 2 – Test 3 is getting closer, and we have a big surprise announcement for you, plus a few other news we know some of you were waiting for.

Before moving to the meat of the post, don’t forget to fill the survey on the May Open Playtest if you haven’t already. That’s really important for us, so thank you! 🙂

City Claiming

Yes, it’s live, and it’s not just a website game: through the new world map page, you can start Alpha 2 – Test 3 being already a citizen or governor of a town!

Here are a few more details on this new functionality:

  • Only owners of a Governor pack or higher can become governors of a town.
  • Everyone with access to A2-T3 (be it through a founder pack or a key, including limited ones) can become a citizen of a claimed town.
  • Claimed towns are protected by a “citizenship password” that can be changed or disabled by Governors. This was added to allow Governors to only accept specific players, even though the Governor can actually kick players out of the city once A2-T3 starts anyway.

Please note that the new web page isn’t the only way to claim a city. Once Alpha 2 – Test 3 starts, you’ll be able to apply as Governor of a city in-game, without having to own a Governor+ pledge pack, even though entering a candidacy will cost you some gold (the in-game currency).

City Planning

Yes, my dear Governor, you can’t claim a city and be its only citizen 😉

When Alpha 2 – Test 3 begins, a city claimed on the web page will be actually set as claimed only if it has enough citizens. That’s 5 (including the Governor) for small cities and 15 for large ones. If the number is not met, the city will be set as “unclaimed” like all others, which means you have to recruit your fellow players now.

To help you do that, we have created a forum section and a Discord channel dedicated to city planning. We can’t wait to see how many cities will be able to reach the threshold before Alpha 2 – Test 3!

Aristocrat Packs

When it comes to city density, our plan in the days of Kickstarter was to have 30-40 spots per continent. We soon realized that wasn’t enough and changed the structure of cities to be able to fit way more in the same landmass.

As of today, the continent of Myr features 121 city areas – that’s 4 times as planned! Because of that, we can safely release a few additional Aristocrat packs.

The option is not available on the Fractured Store, since re-implementing it would be quite cumbersome, so please reach out to support@dymstudios.com if you’re interested in upgrading your pledge to Aristocrat.

You can find all the details on the content and price of the pack on our Kickstarter page.

Other News

Alpha 2 – Test 3

We’ve mentioned this in the previous post, now it’s official: the start of Alpha 2 – Test 3 has been moved to July due to a few quirks that are making the implementation of player cities and the talent tree more complex than expected.

Some of the issues are performance-related, both in the client and the server:

  • The client is hit by framerate drops due to the rendering of constructions and calculations of pathfinding in cities;
  • The server is using way too much bandwidth, which becomes particularly problematic when a lot of players are close to each other.

We have already figured out a solution to all of the issues above – the bandwidth fix actually relies on a “new” feature of SpatialOS we never used. The implementation will take a few days, however.

We hope you’re not too upset by the delay – we could have released the fixes during the test, but we want your experience to be as smooth as possible from the start 🙂 We’ll let you know the exact starting date as soon as possible.

Community Management

There have been a few discussions regarding community management (or lack thereof) on our Discord in the last few weeks. Since the start of the year, we’ve tried to release blog updates regularly – that’d be 12 so far, quite an improvement over the 14 we released in the whole of 2019 😉

Aside from that though, we are aware that our presence on the forums and on Discord hasn’t been great. Our previous community manager Znirf has left the studio in January, and we haven’t been able to find a replacement yet, both because of covid-19 and because we’re trying to focus all our resources on game development.

While it’s likely going to take a bit before we have a new community manager, our beloved moderator Specter is going to step up in community management duties. He is already planning new community activities, so stay tuned! 🙂

Foundation Titles

A couple weeks ago, the assignment of Foundation forum titles and daily post points broke. We’ve been aware, but we haven’t had time to fix it until today.

Well, it’s fixed now, finally! You’ll get all your missed titles by tomorrow, or even earlier if you open The Foundation. We can’t give you the missed daily post points though, but those are a very small portion of the points you can “farm” in The Foundation nowadays, so we hope you’ll understand.

That’s all for today. Stay tuned for the Alpha 2 – Test 3 start announcement!

Enjoy Fractured!



May 2020 Playtest Review

Hi, fellow gamer and MMO enthusiast!

Our second open playtest has ended on June 3, and finally here comes the review of what we learnt from it. We are aware this post is being released quite late, and we apologize for that – these last weeks have been really hectic due to all the work needed to bring Alpha 2 – Test 3 to life as soon as possible.

Before moving to the findings, please note that we have released a survey on the May Open Playtest. It’s an obvious thing to say, but your feedback is really important for us, so please give the survey a go – it’s a very short one, and completing it awards 1,000 Foundation Points! 😉

Also, all contest rewards for Alpha 2 – Test 3 are being sent out today and tomorrow. Check out your Fractured account email – a key might be there waiting for you!

The Good

Starting areas held up

From a design perspective, starting areas worked well even at the peak of new character influx. They got crowded, but never so much that it was impossible to find creatures to kill or resources to gather to complete the tutorial. Only a few minor issues needed a fix – players shouldn’t be able to leave handcarts or build blueprints in there, for instance.

Overall, that’s a good result considering the continent of Myr is only 1 out of 9 planned (3 planets, 3 continents / planet), so there should eventually be 16 other starting areas in the same universe!

Even greater interest

Our stress test in February did fine, and this one did even better, particularly when it comes to sales during and after the test.

Over 10,000 new accounts have been registered in the 2 weeks around the stress test, and almost 20,000 characters (belonging to ~15,000 distinct accounts) have been created during the playtest.

We now have over 80,000 registered users and 4,000 backers. Thank you all for your support!

Better retention

A proper introduction to game mechanics (particularly to the progression system), a guidance on what locations to explore and the availability of housing did wonders for retention rate compared to February.

The tutorial questline was particularly well received: 70% of the players who started it, completed it!

No land grab

The introduction of a gold* fee to claim land and the possibility to share land parcels (having claim friends and co-owners) did wonders to fix the “land grab” issue that was prominent in February.

That’s very good news, considering player cities were not enabled yet in this test, which means the continent only featured ~1/3 of the expected housing space.

*please note: gold is our game currency, not our premium currency. The latter has been renamed to “Dynamight Tokens” to avoid further confusion.

The Bad

Poor PvP balancing

For the first time ever, Fractured saw real PvP activity thanks to the introduction of militias, an elective faction-like system. Militias are only a portion of planned PvP content for the human planet Syndesia, useful to spice things up while waiting for the criminal system to be implemented.

With PvP activity came feedback on balancing, which was… pretty terrible! Other than balancing, the situation was made worse by a few bugs, the biggest one making the Frenzy ability always raise attack speed to the cap.

In the next releases, we are going to apply changes to critical damage, existing abilities and attributes and introduce new spells to offset the power of existing ones. It’s going to get better – promised! 😉

Framerate drops

Client performance is good overall (120+ FPS at full HD on a modern mid-range GPU), but the occasional stuttering when travelling the world is still there and must be addressed. We wanted to start fixing it right away, but we’ve decided to wait for an upcoming version of SpatialOS where most of the work we planned will already be part of the engine (yay!). This means the fix will be delivered after Alpha 2 – Test 3.

The other significant issue with client performance is framerate getting lower with many player characters and spell particles on screen. This is usually not a priority for an Alpha, but we’re still going to introduce a few improvements over time in the coming months.

Progression too fast

Since the talent tree and player cities are still missing, character progression is very incomplete. That said, the content that is already available is consumed too quickly due to balancing issues such as monster power being too low, lack of “exp” penalties for large groups, broken ability combos, too generous loot tables, etc.

Again, balancing shouldn’t be a major focus for an Alpha, but we’ll make sure to tweak some numbers before the next testing phase begins.

What’s next?

It’s Alpha 2 – Test 3, bringing to life player cities!

Our intention was for A2-T3 to start at the end of this month (June), but we’re not sure we’re going to be able to stick to the plan. This annoying delay is due to a few quirks that are making the implementation of player cities more complex than expected. If not June, it will be early July though, so stay tuned because the announcement is coming soon, and a few other surprises are also in store!

Enjoy Fractured!



Open Playtest Extension & Rollback Gifts

Hi, fellow gamer and MMO enthusiast!

The May Open Playtest has been running for 2 days now, and we hope you’re having as much fun playing as we do… watching you play 🙂

Performance-wise, the first day of stress-testing has been remarkably smooth, even at peak times. The second one, sadly not so much!

On Friday, we had two periods of time (of about 30m each) during which logging into the world wasn’t possible. That wasn’t so bad. Way worse have been the 2 server issues that forced us to do a restart and a rollback of player characters, once yesterday and once this morning.

None of the issues we experienced on Friday were related to server load, which was much higher on Thursday. Both should also be resolved now.

We’ll explain more about these issues in the stress test review. Now, let’s give you some compensation for them!

Playtest Extension

To make up for the lost time, we’ve decided to extend the playtest for 2 days! This means the May Open Playtest is going to close in the morning of Wednesday, June 3 – at 10am CEST (2am EDT) to be exact.

This will give you more time to build your characters, your homes, have some militia PvP, and will surely make the Play Free, Win A Key contests more meaningful!

Rollback Gifts

Even though this is a short open playtest with a focus on stress-testing, we understand some of you are annoyed by the loss of character progression that took place yesterday afternoon and this morning.

Sadly we can’t give you back those precious Knowledge Points, abilities and items. Instead we’ve just given everyone who played the open playtest from its inception until this morning 1,000 Foundation Points and 1,000 Dynamight Tokens.

See you all in game!



Play Free, Win A Key – The Contest

Hi, fellow gamer and MMO enthusiast!

The May Open Playtest has just started (for backers), and we have some exciting last-minute news to share about it!

First of all, client download is ready for everyone. Well, that’s not really unexpected, but just so you know… you can now download the client here and create a character before the test begins, even if you’re not a backer and have to wait till Thursday to play!

Second, you can get free access to Alpha 2 – Test 3 (or even permanent game access) by playing during the Open Playtest! To do so, you must be ranking high in one of 5 dedicated contests:

  • Highest Militia Ranking
  • Best Game Footage
  • Best/Most Creative Character Build
  • Most Knowledge Acquired
  • Coolest Land Parcel

This is how it works:

  • The winner of each contest gets a key that grants permanent access to the game, from here to full release and after!
  • The highest ranking competitors of each category get a key that grants access to the next test, Alpha 2 – Test 3!
  • Everyone who participated with a meaningful contribution gets 1,000 Foundation Points 😉

Let’s get to the details of each contest now!

Highest Militia Ranking

Are you the PvP type? Want to show the world who’s boss and get rewarded for it?

Then make sure you’re at the top of the ranking of your militia by the end of the playtest!

Militia ranking works as follows:

  • Each character that’s part of a militia has an ELO-based score assigned to it. This score is not visible to the player.
  • Once the character has done enough PvP with players of other factions, it enters the official ranking of the militia. Ranking is shown in the center of the Militia tab of the Social menu.
  • If a character leaves a militia, its score is reset.

This contest is special, in that the highest ranking player of each militia gets a permanent key! Also, we’are putting the ranking system live on Thursday morning, so that non-backers have a fair chance of competing with backers who started earlier.

Best Game Footage

Feeling like an aspiring director this week? Then record the most exciting moments of your adventures during this Open Playtest and send them to us!

Submissions are to be posted in a new thread in this forum section – be it a YouTube / Twitch link or a link to download the video files 🙂

We only accept entries with the following characteristics:

  • 60 FPS (or higher)
  • 1920×1080 resolution (or higher, but always with a 16:9 ratio)
  • No filters! (e.g. gamma filters)

Group PvE and PvP are our favorite subjects, but feel free to let your creativity flow!

Also, if you upload your footage on YouTube or elsewhere, make sure to keep the original files: some clips may be selected to be part of our first official game trailer – given you like the idea, of course 😉

Best Character Build

We know, it’s hard to come up with awesome character builds with just a few days to figure out the game…

…however, we’re sure the true minmaxers™ among you will try anyway. So, get rewarded for your efforts by posting your character build(s) in a new thread in this forum section. Don’t forget to include screenshots of your character menu to show what you’ve managed to achieve by unlocking abilities, crafting and enchanting you gear!

Please mind we won’t be evaluating only the strength of your build, but also how creative it is and your ideas on how it could evolve in the future 🙂

Most Knowledge Acquired

Do you have the explorer’s spirit, looking for knowledge wherever it hides? Then see how far you can push it in this playtest by trying to complete your knowledge of as many creatures and resources as you can!

If more than one player manages to acquire the full knowledge of all there is to discover by Monday, one will be drafted to win the permanent key.

Coolest Land Parcel

Not fancy focusing on your character? Then make your land parcel the most beautiful of the realm, take some screenshots of it and post them in a new thread in this forum section.

That’s it, easy!

See you all in game!



May 2020 Open Playtest

Hi, fellow gamer and MMO enthusiast!

To celebrate the easing of the covid-19 restrictions in Italy and most of the EU, we’ve decided to… give you another reason to stay home in front of your computer! Yay!

The reason is, of course, playing Fractured… for free!

May Open Playtest

Yes, another open playtest is starting this month!

The last one in February saw over 15,000 users stress-testing the game and hundreds of characters logged in together at peak times. This time we want to hit even higher numbers!

Once again, we’ve decided to split the test in two phases to spread the influx of new players over a longer period of time: for the first 2 days only backers are allowed to play, then it’s free for everyone.

Here’s the exact schedule of the playtest:

  • Tuesday, May 26, 2pm CEST (8am EDT): access is granted to all backers, disregarding the type of pledge pack / founder pack.
  • Thursday, May 28, 2pm CEST (8am EDT): access is granted to all registered users – no pledge needed!
  • Monday, June 1, 10am CEST (2am EDT): the open playtest is over.

What’s New

If the last time you played was our February Open Weekend, all that’s been released in Alpha 2 – Test 2 will be a first for you. That’s a lot of stuff, so I warmly suggest you click the link for the details!

If instead you’ve played during A2-T2, the following QOL additions will likely be much welcome news:

  • Item stack splitting (holding CTRL when releasing a stack);
  • Crafting multiple items (instead of 1 at a time);
  • Faster movement speed on paved roads;
  • Protection from monster attacks and damage after being knocked down;

Additionally, proper death is finally live, which means that a character dying now leaves behind a corpse containing all its equipment and inventory. These items can be recovered by the owner or by its fellow guild/party members, but might also get looted by the members of other militias…

…wait, what? Militias?

Player Militias

Player militias are a surprise addition meant to spice up PvP on Syndesia while waiting for the criminal system to be implemented. This is how the system works in bullet points:

  • Any time while in town, a player can choose to have his/her character join (or leave) one of the four predefined NPC militias. The choice is character-based, not account-based.
  • If a character is part of a militia, it can freely attack and loot the members of other militias. This is possible only when outside of towns and starting areas.
  • A militia can be quit at any time. However, joining one triggers a 3-day waiting period before being allowed to join a new one.
  • Members of a guild can’t join or leave militias. If a guild master joins/leaves a militia, the whole guild joins/leaves that militia too.

Militias aren’t a temporary amusement. Once the criminal system is implemented, being part of a militia will allow players to fight against other militia members, bypassing alignment and karma rules.

Moreover, each player city will be able to run its own militia. City militias will be odds with the four NPC ones and those of other towns, aside from allied ones!

That’s all. I hope the news of this open playtest is as exciting for you as it is for us!

On a side note, we’ve considered sneaking player cities into this playtest, but ultimately decided against it since there’s isn’t enough related content yet. You’ll find city areas and town hall ruins in the world, but won’t be able to claim them.

Alpha 2 – Test 3 is coming in June though, so if you’re a backer with Alpha access, you’ll be able to start or join a city soon!

See you all in game!



Roadmap To Alpha 2 – Test 3

Hi, fellow gamer and MMO enthusiast!

Alpha 2 – Test 2 is ending on Sunday, April 26 (yes, that’s official now!), and we are already looking forward to the next testing phase.

While we usually wait until after a test is over to reveal the roadmap to the following one, this time we’ve decided to move it up – development is progressing faster than ever, let’s make blog updates follow suit!

Before getting into the details of what’s coming in Alpha 2 – Test 3, we have some great news: the next test is going to launch in June already! Two testing phases have never been so close to each other, and we’re really excited by that since it gets us closer to the moment we’ll have servers running 24/7.

..and now, let the reveal begin!

Player Cities

Note: planning your city? Looking for a city to live in? Head to the dedicated forum section! There’s a map of upcoming cities on Myr, too!

Many of you likely know already that player cities are the main new feature coming in Alpha 2 – Test 3, since we’ve covered that in a live Q&A just a couple weeks ago. If you are interested in up-to-date info on the topic and haven’t watched the video yet, we warmly suggest you do so!

The next testing phase will only see a first iteration of Player Cities, which are a very long system to develop in full. Nonetheless, even this first iteration will add a ton of gameplay to Fractured!

The continent of Myr of planet Syndesia – the only one currently available – will contain 20+ large city plots and 90+ small city plots. The process of claiming a town works as follows:

  • Any player can apply as Governor of a town interacting with the ruins in the center of the town area;
  • If enough players support a candidacy, the city becomes claimed, the candidate becomes Governor and all his/her supporters become citizens of the town;
  • The ruins turn into a blueprint of a Town Hall, which has to be fully rebuilt before any other construction can begin.

We’ve turned a few of the existing dirt roads in the world into main roads, which are now paved and grant a movement speed bonus. Each town is crossed by a main road, and the roads citizens build in a town must be connected to it, while all buildings must be adjacent to a road.

Speaking of buildings, the governor (or a delegate) will be able to place the following elements in a town in A2-T3:

  • Public buildings: bank, tavern, barracks;
  • Personal land parcels (to be claimed by citizens);
  • Fortifications;
  • A few decorative elements such as fountains, vases, etc.

To wrap it up, in the next test we’ll be evaluating the basics of city building and city management, without the thrilling competitive side (which will see the light as soon as possible after A2-T3). As for the elements of advanced crafting, we’ll try to throw in a little to give you an idea of what’s to come!

The Talent Tree

The Knowledge System has been first introduced in A2-T1, but only its core – ability learning – has made it into the game then. In A2-T3, we’re adding a secondary (yet very impactful) component to it: the Talent Tree!

The Talent Tree adds a ton of variety to your character builds and strengthens the feeling of character progression by allowing you to exchange Knowledge Points for Talent Points instead of spending them to learn discovered abilities. The current conversion cost is 1,000 Knowledge Points : 1 Talent Point.

Each character can unlock up to 60 Talent Points, which can be assigned on a tree consisting of 90 different nodes, which each node providing a different bonus and accepting a different amount of points. In sum, a classic RPG talent tree, with the peculiarity that you can create multiple talent presets and memorize a different one each time you rest – just like with abilities, no timed or paid respecs!

Character Death

Up until now, death (= hitting 0 Endurance with 0 Life) has meant little in Fractured – your character would just respawn home or in the starting area. Things were never meant to be that easy, though.

From the next testing phase onward, a character dying will leave its body behind, including all the items it was carrying (both equipped and in the backpack). The corpse will stay for a while before decaying and disappearing, so you’ll have plenty of time to get back to it and loot it – unless you respawned on the other side of the continent, that is!

Speaking of respawn locations, don’t worry about endless corpse runs: after death, you’ll be able to choose to resurrect at home or at the last tavern you rested in. This makes paying a visit to the closest town a key step when exploring a new area… and if you really can’t make it back, you can still allow your party/guild members to loot your corpse!

Quality Of Life

On top of all the new content, we have a handful of additions to make your life in Fractured easier:

  • The possibility to split item stacks (holding CTRL when releasing a stack);
  • The possibility to craft multiple items instead of 1 at a time;
  • Direct trading between players;
  • Protection from monster attacks and damage after being knocked down and standing back up;
  • An option to toggle combat mode manually. Combat mode prevents accidental clicks on resources and corpses when fighting and is currently activated automatically, but we know many of you didn’t like that;
  • Spell and menu hotkeys rebinding;

All the changes above have been frequently requested by our community, so we know they’ll make many people happy! 🙂

Client & Server Performance

Here we are at the boring chapter of any roadmap – the technical stuff 😉

Thanks to all the performance tweaks we’ve introduced before and during A2-T2, we’re satisfied with the current framerate of the client. On our benchmark machine, a equipped with a FullHD screen and rather old Nvidia GeForce GTX 970, the client now hits ~100 FPS at Ultra quality in most circumstances – not bad for an alpha!

The major issue left in the client is the very rough way asset loading/unloading is performed today, which leads to high RAM usage and sporadic stuttering. A must fix for A2-T3!

Server-wise, our February Open Playtest saw hundreds of players in logged in the world at the same time, and everything was running smoothly thanks to the power of SpatialOS. We know there’s still room for improvement however, particularly when AIs are involved, so we’ll spend some time on those too!

So ends our roadmap. Stay tuned, because there’s a handful of other exciting news coming in the next few weeks!