Races & Planets

Your journey begins when you choose your race, impacting game mechanics and influencing the type of society you’ll join and how you can interact with fellow players. Humans thirst for honor and freedom, the Wildfolk strive for peace, and the Demons live to destroy. Discover more about the different races and their sub-races and the limitless ways to play!


Banished to a hostile planet scarce in resources and filled with dangers, Demons possess an inner evil alignment that makes it natural for them to prey on each other and on other races. Make Tartaros your choice if you’re hungry for blood and dream of becoming a legendary ravager, assassin, or worse.


Shadow Demons

Also known as Nightmares, Shadow Demons are the undoubted masters of assassination, helped by the relatively small size of their bodies – no larger than those of humans – that make them the smallest of all demons on Tartaros.

Shadow Demons are agile and evasive creatures, aces of disguise and illusion, naturally proficient in the use of traps and poisons. Attuned to obscurity, they enjoy a wide array of benefits during nighttime or when moving through dark environments.

Blood Demons

Also known as Vampires, Blood Demons are among the most intelligent and cunning creatures in Fractured. Standing slightly taller than the average human, they’re much stronger than what they look like at glance.

Although Blood Demons thoroughly enjoy drinking the blood of other living creatures, they don’t need to do so to survive. However, the taste of human blood – especially that of the pure ones – grants them extraordinary powers for a while, both physical and magical.

Adding to the above, Blood Demons can easily master any type of sorcery, and excel at mental abilities and blood magic, making them even more formidable foes.

Hellfire Demons

Also known as Infernals, Hellfire Demons have gigantic, muscular bodies that endow them with inhuman strength and make them the creatures most feared by humans, Wildfolk, and other demons alike.

Hellfire Demons are skilled and powerful fighters, generally oblivious of trickeries and battle tactics, whose greatest love is to charge head-first whenever the occasion for a fight arises. Thanks to their innate affinity with fire, they can easily use any fire-related ability and are able to survive in extremely warm environments.

As a further bonus to their battle prowess, their racial bonuses get stronger over the course of a tough battle, setting the thick veins that run through the skin of their bodies afire.


Tartaros is the smallest of all the planets of the Elysium Ring. Notwithstanding its size, its walkable surface is similar in area to the one of Arboreus and Syndesia since it is mostly covered by land. It boasts hot, arid terrain, plagued by constant volcanic activity and scarce in edible resources, as well as frozen hells of the lowest of temperatures.

Stone is common on Tartaros – sandstone, granite and obsidian in particular – and frequently used by demons to erect the buildings of their unholy cities. Metals besides iron are rare, but weapons made of the latter have already taken the life of thousands of creatures, in Tartaros and outside.

Due to the lack of water, agriculture is practically unfeasible on Tartaros, which forces demons to get most of their food by hunting the fearsome creatures that inhabit the planet. Whether demons would be interested in agriculture is doubtful anyway, considering patience is not exactly a virtue of theirs – if they have any virtue, that is.

Demons usually wear clothes made of leather crafted from the skin of their prey, since wild plants are also rare to come by – and when they can be found, they’re only suitable to be harvested for wood or hard fibers to make strings and ropes.

After the Fracture, Tartaros became the prison of the dreaded Babilis, left to be the only god watching over the planet and its demonic progeny.