Fractured Online – Conquest Patch Notes


It is time to raise the banners of war, sharpen your blades, enchant your staves and elect your seconds in command: city conquests are back!

In today’s patch, conquests have undergone several changes, making them much more sophisticated and complex than they used to be. This creates a more diverse competitive scene for towns all over!

City Conquests

The aim of this major rework is to make conquering a city much harder than before for the attackers, while putting the latter in danger as well in case the aggression fails.

This rework was prompted by a very strong community feedback, as losing a city from a single attack was deemed too punishing and was likely to make the defeated group quit the game.

New System: Loyalty

Each city now has a loyalty counter that goes from 0% to 100%. This counter is set to 100% when the city is claimed or conquered.

The city passively regenerates loyalty over time, at a rate of 1% every 6 hours, and it needs 80% loyalty to launch a conquest against another city.

During a city conquest, the loyalties of both the attacking and the defending city are at stake and could be lost.

If the attackers win a city conquest and manage to lower the loyalty of the defending city to 0, they are allowed to take control of the defeated city.

Loyalty Banners

Both the attacker and the defender can build up to three loyalty banners, respectively in the sieging area around the attacked city and within the city walls. The banners of the defender can be built at any time (they’re a new “regular” city building, like walls), while those of the attacker can be built during the siege preparation phase (as usual, this is unchanged).

All loyalty banners must be destroyed by one of the parties to be allowed to destroy the main banner and win the event. The main banner is the one connected to the siege tent (for the attackers) or to the town hall (for the defenders). The latter is spawned automatically when a siege is declared, while the former is part of the siege tent.

How Loyalty is lost

The following table shows the results of different scenarios at the end of a city conquest event.

Scenario Result
The attackers win the event by destroying the
defenders’ main banner (town hall banner).
60% loyalty loss for the defenders.
If the defender’s current loyalty is 0%, the
attackers can take control of the city.
The defenders win the event by destroying the
attackers’ main banner (siege tent banner).
30% loyalty loss for the attackers.
The event ends before either party managed to
destroy the opposing team main banner
10% loyalty loss for the defenders for each
loyalty banner they lost during the event (up to
30% if they lost all 3 of them).
If the defender’s current loyalty is 0%, the
attackers can take control of the city
5% loyalty loss for the attackers for each loyalty
banner they lost during the event (up to 15% if
they lost all 3 of them).

Additional Changes

  • During the first 24 hours after a conquest siege is over, only the former attacking city can declare another conquest attempt against the defeated city.
  • When a siege starts, be it a raid or a conquest, all players who aren’t defenders are now correctly kicked out of the city area (i.e. out of the walls).
  • After a city has been conquered, it can no longer be claimed immediately by the attackers. Defenders now have a 48 hours period to vacate the city, during which they can’t delete
    any building, but can remove their goods from the city.

Give Aerhen even more love!

The very last piece of the Aerhen puzzle is live: the Northern continent now has its own pins for Points of Interest on the world map, that award Knowledge Points when discovered!

They are distributed as follows:

  • 3 on Mount Ember
  • 3 on Dawn Island
  • 3 in the Storm Islands
  • 3 on the Whistling Peak
  • 7 in the Raider’s Den
  • 5 in the Red Reef
  • 7 in the Coppery Range
  • 9 in the Booming Hills

Spell Audio

The following abilities that were previously silent or reused the sounds of other abilities now have their own sound effects:

  • Lethal Strike
  • Earth Spikes
  • Stone Lance
  • Poison Spray
  • Noxious Jet
  • Aura of Devotion
  • Challenge
  • Life Link

Monster Audio

The following monsters that were previously silent or reused the sounds of other creatures now have their own sound effects:

  • Forest Troll
  • Elder Forest Troll
  • Mountain Troll
  • Elder Mountain Troll
  • Sea Troll
  • Elder Sea Troll
  • Syr (Legendary Mammoth)
  • Argadr the Stormcaller (Legendary Jotunn
  • Fenris (Legendary Arctic Wolf)
  • Mammoth Female
  • Mammoth Male
  • Moose Female
  • Moose Male
  • Jotunn Berserker
  • Jotunn Cleric
  • Jotunn Stormborn
  • Jotunn Warrior
  • Vampiric Spider
  • Arctic Wolf

As always, we hope you enjoy the new changes, if you have any feedback, click the discuss button below and let us know!

Should you encounter any bug along your adventures, click here to submit us your bug reports!

Happy adventuring!
Your Fractured Online team


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