Fractured Online – Website Relaunch!

Hey there weary adventurer,

the Fractured Online website has evolved into a new powerful form, now equipped with a shiny new look, the website is better than ever!

Get the latest Fractured Online news directly on the front page so you won’t miss a single beat and locate that one post you’re looking for with the new search function!

Learn more about the races and what makes them unique.
Will you be an honourable Human, upholding the laws of civilization on Syndesia?
Perhaps you’re a peaceful soul like the Wildfolk, a guardian of nature with superhuman resilience and keen survival skill who resides on the lush planet of Arboreus?
Or a vicious Demon, residents of hostile Tartaros, are more your cup of tea? Bloodthirsty creatures who only seek to ravage and destroy anything unlucky enough to cross their path – the choice is yours.

Discover the lore of Syndesia, Arboreus and Tartaros, from lush landscapes to dreadful arid hellscapes, there will be lots of your to explore!

What are you waiting for, adventurer,
this and much more awaits on our new Fractured Online home!


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