Races & Planets

Your journey begins when you choose your race, impacting game mechanics and influencing the type of society you’ll join and how you can interact with fellow players. Humans thirst for honor and freedom, the Wildfolk strive for peace, and the Demons live to destroy. Discover more about the different races and their sub-races and the limitless ways to play!


No human is born good or bad. Make your choice to uphold the law or break the established order. From a righteous governor to a cruel brigand, any path is open to you on planet Syndesia. Beware, though: you’ll be subject to the rules of a feudal society, so think beforehand to the consequences of your actions!

The human race has neither advantages nor disadvantages in their stature, speed, strength and other areas. They do not even have sub-races, and they could be called generally mediocre. However, this very balance is their strength and allows people to develop and evolve in any direction. As a human, the world is open to you, and only you decide your path and the destiny that comes with it.


Syndesia, the cradle of human civilization, is a medium sized planet, boasting the largest environmental variety of the whole Elysium Ring. While the lack of Elysium’s primal energy makes its vegetation not as lush as that of Arboreus, it is still a fertile and resource-rich world, providing favorable conditions for the development of the human race and its ambitions.

On Syndesia, humans are always busy harvesting wood and stone to build their homes and castles, and mining different metals to craft their mighty weapons and armors. Coal is also common, greatly cherished by humans as part of their industrious efforts to advance their technologies – a kind of knowledge rejected by Wildfolk and Demons alike. On top of that, cultivations and pastures are widespread, leading to a level of environmental exploitation which sadly knows no match as well.

As always in the universe of Fractured Online, such an abundance of resources is not equally spread throughout the planet. Some regions are overall richer, others poorer, and even in the ones most sought-after some resources are hard to come by, which stimulates inter-planetary commerce to a great deal.

After the Fracture, two of the Six Gods decided to watch over Syndesia: Iridia, goddess of fortune and mother of all humans, and Galvanos, god of knowledge and keeper of the nine paths of magic, who always showed a great appreciation for the human persistence and fascination with progress.