Races & Planets

Your journey begins when you choose your race, impacting game mechanics and influencing the type of society you’ll join and how you can interact with fellow players. Humans thirst for honor and freedom, the Wildfolk strive for peace, and the Demons live to destroy. Discover more about the different races and their sub-races and the limitless ways to play!


Living on a planet overwhelmed by giant vegetation, Wildfolks have developed a deep connection to nature that endowed them with super-human resilience and keen survival skills. If you enjoy a cooperative and defensive gameplay in a peaceful community, look no further: Arboreus is your new home.




Also known as Tiger-Kin, the Chadra, whose body is substantially larger than an average human, are the Wildfolk most endowed with quick reflexes and agility. Real jacks-of-all-trades, they excel in most fighting styles thanks to the accuracy of their attacks, and can resort to magic to further increase their combat prowess.

When transformed into their primal form, the Chadra enjoy an even higher movement speed and attack precision. Plus, they gain access to unique abilities aimed at catching up with fleeing targets and hitting their vital spots, causing severe wounds that lead victims to quickly bleed to their deaths.



Also known as Bear-Kin, the Nheedra are the largest and bulkiest of all Wildfolk, endowed with the greatest strength and endurance, but also slower and clumsier compared to the members of other families. Even more than the average Wildfolk, Nheedra are exceptional druids, able to harness the natural energy of Arboreus and shape it into elemental manifestations.

When transformed into their primal form, the bear, the toughness and regenerative abilities of Nheedra become even more impressive. Plus, they gain several abilities designed to overwhelm their opponents with raw power, stunning them or cleaving them with their immense strength.



Also known as Hart-Kin, Erwydra are smart, agile and perceptive creatures, but physically weaker than the members of other Wildfolk families.

Thanks to their superior intelligence, the Erwydra are naturally inclined toward magical practices and enjoy the advantages of an excellent memory. The weakness of their bodies is compensated for by the ease with which they can escape from dangerous situations, both by physical and by magical means.

When transformed into their primal form, the Erwydra gain access to abilities that allow them to block or deflect magical attacks and to charge through enemy lines. In case they need to leave the battlefield, they can rely on even higher movement speed and escape abilities.



Also known as Wolf-Kin, the Udoadra are regarded as the most social and friendly family among all Wildfolk. While not larger than a human, they are considerably stronger and more resilient.

Udoadra’s true excellence lies in coordinated group fights, as they are the keepers of ancient secrets that allow them to increase the power of their pack. A group of Udoadra is truly an unstoppable force of nature! Moreover, their social skills and attachment to other living beings make them unparalleled animal trainers.

When transformed into their primal form, the Udoadra gain speed and additional pack bonuses, unlocking abilities designed to empower allies and to cooperatively damage or restrain even the most powerful opponents.


Arboreus is the largest planet of the Elysium Ring, with a surface twice as wide as that of Syndesia – although the area of continents above sea level is roughly equivalent to that of the other planets. Other than being the largest, it also lies furthest from the sun, travelling the same orbit that once belonged to Elysium. Notwithstanding its distance from the star, the damp atmosphere of Arboreus allows it to be a warm and verdant world, covered with dense forests and plains of lush green grass, crossed by rivers and lakes aplenty.

Compared to Syndesia and Tartaros, Arboreus is the planet that most resembles its father Elysium, especially given it’s the only one that still retains Elysium’s primal energy, which manifests itself into ever-growing deposits of magical crystals, coveted by all the creatures of the System.

Crystals aren’t the only resource on Arboreus that stirs the greed of the people who don’t inhabit it, however. The planet is rich in wood, stone and minerals, with the homes of Wildfolk mostly made of wood and public buildings of stones.

After the Fracture, Arboreus was put under the protection of three of the Six Gods: Elysium, which is thought to be the source of Arboreus’ primal energy; Tyros, god of light and justice; Nelena, goddess of the wild and mother of all beastmen.